Smart by design: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By Grassgroup, April 7, 2017 12:50 pm

There are many reason as you are discovering why the Pro-Flex 120 is best choice for any self respecting golf course… here is a summary of some more smart features we know you’ll love.

Low Maintenance

The Pro-Flex is easier to use and maintain than ever before, the latest Pro-Flex now incorporates maintenance free blade spindles and rubber-damped automatic belt tensioners which eliminates a significant amount of time needed for routine maintenance while also lowering operating costs.


Progressive have really given some thought to the manoeuvrability of this machine. This piece of equipment is not only easily negotiable around trees, but Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ feature is easy to operate and ideal when engaging the PTO or when crossing a path. The four way swivel hatch allows the mower to track contours independently of the tractor while remaining true to the tractor and the full frame provides the ability to mow even while backing up. Not only this but the shock absorbers on each deck control the bounce when moving at speed, increasing productivity while maintaining the quality of cut.


The outer wings of the Pro-Flex are designed to fold to make the machine narrower making both transportation and passing through narrow shed doors a whole lot easier. The overall transport width of the Pro-Flex is 8.5 ft. with the wings folded, making movement around tighter more confined areas; bridges, trees and walkways so much easier and therefore cause minimal impact to play. Mechanical deck locks automatically engage when the outer decks are fully raised and the wing locks are released from the operator’s seat.

Hydraulic Wing Circuit

A new feature to the Pro-Flex (on machines after SN 15272165B) is the wing hydraulic circuit that includes an automatic lock valve to prevent unwanted movement of the wings during mowing. The new automatic lock valve is incorporated into the wing lock release mechanism. It replaces the manual ¼ turn valve that is found on earlier models. This change also simplifies the connection to the tractor as only two hydraulic hoses are required to run between the tractor and the mower. When the wings need to be raised or lowered, the Operator simply pulls and holds the pull rope from the tractor’s seat until they are fully raised or lowered.


You can complete the package by choosing the colour you most prefer! The Pro-Flex is available in a choice traditional red or industry green to give you the complete package when used alongside your preferred tractor.

If you are thinking of going trailed there is absolutely no need to compromise on quality. It is clear that the Pro-Flex is the ultimate choice. Don’t just take our word for it…! Why not book a demo today?

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