Progessive TDR-15: The Better Built Choice

By Grassgroup, September 21, 2017 1:27 pm


Progressive’s 15.5ft TDR-15 Tri-Deck Roller finishing mower is an ideal choice for municipal grounds care, school, playing fields, parks, sport facilities and polo fields in either wet or dry conditions.

This versatile mower can cut as low as 0.5 inch. Full length rollers smooth the field surface and stripe for visual impact. It can also speed divot repair by promoting root-to-soil contact while aiding in moisture retention.

The superior quality cut comes from high lift rotary blades that create enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean uniform cut and disperse the clippings evenly over the rollers. Easy access to height adjusters makes setting the height of cut quick and precise. Rear rollers also provide extra protection for the safe discharge of clippings and debris. Now standard, Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn allows the decks to be temporarily lifted slightly off the ground with the PTO still engaged and without fear of drive line damage.
The TDR-15 is another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes into producing a durable and productive rotary finishing mower that is easy to maintain. The TDR-15 not only provides versatility of use and quality of construction, it is the better built choice.

Pro Lift-N-Turn

The productivity advantage of Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn system is standard equipment. Operators have the ability to slightly raise the decks off the ground with the PTO still enagaged, making turning easier on the turf and the operator more productive. An automatic stop prevents the decks from lighting too far. The result is less ground damage from dragging the rollers across the turf. Progressive’s Lift-N-Turn has imply eliminated the issues competitive roller mowers face when turning. The deisgn allow for a 0″ uncut circle (zero turn radius).

Easily Change Height Adjustment

Infinite cutting height adjustment from 0.5″ to 4″ is easily accomplished with the supplied tool. This allows the mower to transition quickly for multiple mowing height applications. The durable design resists rusting and wear.

Full Length Rollers

6″ diameter rollers running the full length on both the front and rear of each mower deck, helps to smooth the mowing surface while cutting. The rollers also helps promote root to turf contact for faster repair and healthier turf. The rollers can also stripe the turf for a pleasing visual impact.

Simpler Maintenance

Maintenance fe eblade spindles and 100 hour greasing interval PTO shafts are used to both lower cost and time spent on routine maintenance. They also provide peace of mind that a missing daily greasing  won’t render the mower out of service.

CV Equipped Input PTO

Progressive have equipped the TDR-15 with a constant velocity input PTO as standard. This makes connecting the mower to a tractor easier and the connection time greatly reduced.


Cutting Width: 15.5 Feet
Mowing Capacity : 2 mph 3.75 acres per hour – 4 mph 7.5 acres per hour – 6 mph 11.3 acres per hour
Recommended PTO 30 – 50 HP

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