RotaDairon Factory Visit

By Grassgroup, May 8, 2017 10:49 am

A few of the team here at TGG have just returned from a visit from the RotaDairon factory in France. Although it was raining, it did not dampen our spirits we had a fantastic time. When you enter the building the first thing you see is the very first Dairon machine to be made, a reminder of how much history this family business is steeped in.

The factory set in stunning grounds in the middle of the race track at Mulsanne has always been in poll position when it comes to quality. The passion and innovation of Michele Dairon the Owner is – as ever – clear to see in every aspect of the business. He knows absolutely every detail of what goes on within those walls and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He is very much stuck in with the day to day problem solving and creating ideas for the next generation of Dairon machines.

The detail that goes into manufacture is immense, these machines are not just knocked together to make a quick buck. Every single element is thought through in great depth and detail resulting in the fine quality machines that RotaDairon produce today.

The factory is immaculately kept and currently in full swing production working through the mass of orders they have coming through the doors.

From design to production it is clearly a happy place to be. The excitement and passion of Michele was clear to see during our tour of the factory. Every chance he got he was on a machine to demonstrate the processes behind many of the parts that make up the Dairon machines, he literally lives and breathes his business. He and the team there are busy continually generating new ideas and developing processes to ensure the customer gets the best result possible.

Purchasing a Dairon machine is an investment, without a shadow of a doubt the best money you will spend. Whether you are looking for a self-propelled Seeder, a Stoneburier (various options available), an Overseeder or a Stabilizer – Dairon is 100% the product for you.

Contact The Grass Group today to find out more about any of the RotaDairon machines.

Email sales@thegrassgroup or phone 01638 720123.

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Phoenix Tines: More than Mythology…!

By Grassgroup, April 11, 2017 10:17 am

Much like its name sake would suggest – the Phoenix™ Tines from The Grass Group are forged in fire through a patented thermo-chemical process. During which almost all of the iron (Fe) is displaced for a new, much harder element. This unique multi-step process creates a tighter cell structure than the original alloy. Phoenix™ Tines are additionally processed in a vacuum under extreme heat and pressure resulting in tines of outstanding durability and performance.

All Phoenix™ Tines are guaranteed to last as long as comparable carbide tipped coring Tines, but in tests Phoenix™ tines have actually far surpassed the carbide in use-life and  they also do not rust like other tines due to their ‘anti-rust’ coating – win.

Phoenix™ Tines are resilient and super tough, this results in benefits that include:

  • Less broken and chipped tips
  • Less time spent searching for lost tips
  • Less side-wear above the tip
  • Reduced ‘grow-in’ time

With technology that ultimately delivers better value for money and a great list of benefits that clearly add up, why would you opt for anything else…?

Email today to find out which products are available in the Phoenix™ finish. They really are that good!


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Smart by design: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By Grassgroup, April 7, 2017 12:50 pm

There are many reason as you are discovering why the Pro-Flex 120 is best choice for any self respecting golf course… here is a summary of some more smart features we know you’ll love.

Low Maintenance

The Pro-Flex is easier to use and maintain than ever before, the latest Pro-Flex now incorporates maintenance free blade spindles and rubber-damped automatic belt tensioners which eliminates a significant amount of time needed for routine maintenance while also lowering operating costs.


Progressive have really given some thought to the manoeuvrability of this machine. This piece of equipment is not only easily negotiable around trees, but Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ feature is easy to operate and ideal when engaging the PTO or when crossing a path. The four way swivel hatch allows the mower to track contours independently of the tractor while remaining true to the tractor and the full frame provides the ability to mow even while backing up. Not only this but the shock absorbers on each deck control the bounce when moving at speed, increasing productivity while maintaining the quality of cut.


The outer wings of the Pro-Flex are designed to fold to make the machine narrower making both transportation and passing through narrow shed doors a whole lot easier. The overall transport width of the Pro-Flex is 8.5 ft. with the wings folded, making movement around tighter more confined areas; bridges, trees and walkways so much easier and therefore cause minimal impact to play. Mechanical deck locks automatically engage when the outer decks are fully raised and the wing locks are released from the operator’s seat.

Hydraulic Wing Circuit

A new feature to the Pro-Flex (on machines after SN 15272165B) is the wing hydraulic circuit that includes an automatic lock valve to prevent unwanted movement of the wings during mowing. The new automatic lock valve is incorporated into the wing lock release mechanism. It replaces the manual ¼ turn valve that is found on earlier models. This change also simplifies the connection to the tractor as only two hydraulic hoses are required to run between the tractor and the mower. When the wings need to be raised or lowered, the Operator simply pulls and holds the pull rope from the tractor’s seat until they are fully raised or lowered.


You can complete the package by choosing the colour you most prefer! The Pro-Flex is available in a choice traditional red or industry green to give you the complete package when used alongside your preferred tractor.

If you are thinking of going trailed there is absolutely no need to compromise on quality. It is clear that the Pro-Flex is the ultimate choice. Don’t just take our word for it…! Why not book a demo today?

Call us now on 01638 720123 or emails

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Decks get down to business: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By Grassgroup, March 31, 2017 10:08 am

The Pro-Flex 120 has several unique features that are very important on a trailed contour mower and these are currently ONLY available from Progressive.

The main feature that makes this mower stand out from the competition and perform so well as a contour mower are the floating decks – 5 decks in total that sit on the main frame. Essentially 5 walk behind mowers in one, you can’t get a better contour cut from a trailed machine than you do with the Pro-Flex. Each independent floating deck has shock absorbers to reduce deck bounce as the mower travels over uneven ground and the unique 4-way rotating swivel hitch allows the tractor and mower to travel across uneven terrain without affecting one another.

Although well regarded as a rough mower, the Pro-Flex is equally at home on a fairway due to the quality of cut and the after cut appearance, making it ideal and not just for the more value conscious.

The independent floating decks give a 10 foot cutting width, this combined with the high blade tip speed and uplift of the blade ensures great coverage and the cut to be perfect every time with minimal compaction. The front and back rollers along with the side skids (pictured here on the right) positioned on each deck assist with the anti scalping capabilities of this machine. The height of cut is adjustable from 20 to 82.5mm in 5mm increments, changeable on each deck and the adjustable discharge deflectors give an even discharge of clippings.

The outer wings fold to give a transport width of 2.43m, and the three inner decks can actually be operated in this position, allowing access to more confined areas on the course. As a rough mower, the Pro-Flex is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where you just wouldn’t risk taking another mower for fear of damage.

Another new feature to the deck that has been developed and tested over several years is the maintenance free blade spindle. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle (used on earlier models) the same spindle housing provides wide spacing between the bearings, ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. What’s not to love?

Want to see this machine in action? Give us a call us now on 01638 720123 or email to book yourself a demo.

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Don’t get bogged down, get Tines!

By Grassgroup, March 27, 2017 9:27 am

There is no doubting that drainage issues on a golf course can create massive problems for greenkeepers and of course in turn affect play for members – not good news.

Deep aeration is important for all clubs, but particularly for golf clubs that sit on clay soils. After the particularly wet winter we have just endured it is more essential than ever to make sure you not only have the right tools, but quality tools for the job. If you haven’t already thought about aerating or haven’t got round to placing an order, don’t panic it is not too late!

Our standard Tines are anything but ‘Standard’ made from 41/40 superior steel ensuring we can guarantee a proper job. The premium quality tines from The Grass Group are available in a Standard, Carbide, or Phoenix™ finish in varying mount sizes and in a choice of Solid, Vent, Talon or Coring. With the vast selection of stock we hold, we no doubt have the tines to fit your machine; John Deere, Toro, Jacobson, Verti-Drain or Wiedenmann.

Tine Type Core Features Core benefits
Quad Tines 4140 solid rod construction, available in four hole sizes. Variable wall thickness as needed available with carbide tip and Phoenix. Some available in 6″ length Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. More core removal
Coring Tines 4140 solid rod construction, available in four hole sizes. Variable wall thickness as needed available with carbide tip and Phoenix. Some available in 6″ length Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. More material removal
Solid Conventional
4140 solid rod construction, available in varied sizes and mounts Long life, optimum wear. Fits most conventional machines
Solid Talon 4140 solid rod construction, cross shape design. Available with 3/8″ and ½” ribs Long life, optimum wear. Root severing promotes growth, hole stays open for gas and water exchange. Gentle on greens
Solid Vent 4140 solid rod construction. ¾” rib design mounting diameters for deep and conventional tine machines Long life, optimum wear. Hole stays open for 3 weeks, play immediately after aerify with no negative effect on putting. Stress relief in drought or flood conditions
Fairway Coring 4140 solid rod construction. Extra wall thickness, variable wall thickness as needed. Available in carbide and Phoenix Long life, optimum wear. Minimum bending on fairways. More economical through longer life
Deep Coring Tines 4140 steel. Variable wall thickness as needed. Available in mounts for VD, Toro and Wiedenmann Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. Stronger and more dependable tines
Solid Deep Tines 4140 solid rod construction. Available in mounts for VD, Toro and Wiedenmann Long life, optimum wear

Go on, give us a call on 01638 720123 today or drop us an email at and we will be happy to give you a quote.


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Value for Money: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By Grassgroup, March 22, 2017 12:55 pm

The Pro-Flex 120 is all about offering high value to the owner. Unlike a self-contained, ride-on rough mower, the Pro-Flex provides increased equipment performance as the tractor can be used for other tasks when not required for mowing – This means a lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, the required horsepower for the tractor connected to a Pro-Flex is considerably less which equates to large savings in fuel year after year – Nice! The mechincal simplicity and low operating cost of this tractor and Pro-Flex combination, compared to that of a dedicated hydrostatically driven, self-contained mower, confirms the value offered by the Pro-Flex.

The Pro-Flex is such a versatile mower, it is equally at home as a fairway or rough mower. With the ability to cut as low as 1″ and height adjustment easily set on each deck, the machine operator can easily change the cutting height on each deck of the Pro-Flex in minutes. Most importantly there isn’t the requirement for the time consuming task of first levelling all the decks, as required with competing mowers. Setting the Pro-Flex height individually on each deck gives the Greenkeeper the flexibility to change mowing heights as conditions or mowing locations change. As time is money, we would say this is a massive win.

As a rough mower, the Pro-Flex is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where reel type mowers can’t be for fear of expensive damage.

So what are you waiting for? The Pro-Flex 120 delivers 100% if you are looking for:

  • A quality cut
  • Excellent contour following
  • Large working width
  • High work rate with shock absorbers to prevent bouncing of decks
  • Flexibility as the wing decks can be hydraulically raised for restrictive areas
  • Ability to cut round obstacles with its excellent turning circle
  • With its solid construction giving a dependable service
  • Low maintenance cost
  • A machine that is easy to maintain

Want to talk figures…?  Call us now on 01638 720123 or emails

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Let’s talk contours: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By Grassgroup, March 13, 2017 2:13 pm

As even the name and logo suggests the Progressive Pro-Flex 120 is a adaptable mower with anti-scalp contour following capabilities.

The Pro-Flex can easily follow contour changes that are commonly found on golf courses without the fear of scalping ensuring a quality cut. This clever piece of kit will cut a transition or ‘first-cut’ between the fairway and rough in no time at all and there is absolutely no need to compromise on the quality of the cut just because you are spending less than the conventional ride-on mower. This unique design complete with 5 decks enables the mower to follow the contours of the land with ease and these 5 independent floating decks with a high blade tip speed ensure the cut to be perfect every time with minimal compaction.

The decks float fore and aft, as well as left and right independently of the main frame as they follow changing terrain. The 4-way swivel hitch isolates the tractor from the mower allowing truer tracking. Unique to the Pro-Flex and incorporated into each deck is a ‘walking beam’ that ensures full contact with the ground at all times by all four wheels. This allows each deck to more accurately track ground contour changes – Obviously resulting in a first-rate cut. Obviously this mower is not just for golf courses! Progressive’s Pro-Flex 120 contour mower is the ideal solution for any large area especially where the ground is more uneven. Cut height is conveniently set on each deck so using the Pro-Flex will help speed play and make the grounds crew look even better.

Want to see the Pro-Flex in action? Why not book a demo today…Call us now on 01638 720123 or emails

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New month, new team member.

By Grassgroup, March 1, 2017 4:10 pm

The Grass Group are welcoming a new team member; Megan Dransfield is joining the company at the beginning of an exciting new year for The Grass Group.

The Suffolk based machinery supplier are celebrating over 25 years of growth and the appointment of a fresh set of eyes to the Sales and Marketing team is sure to strengthen the existing workforce. Megan is coming on board with a focus on boosting product awareness of all the various machinery that The Grass Group has to offer and to help strengthen the brand and its ongoing marketing.

Megan has a background in the Design industry working as a Graphic Designer for just over 8 years. During her time as a designer Megan has successfully helped businesses promote themselves and their products with her creative designs and marketing ideas. With many years design experience behind her, she has handled just about any kind of design brief you can imagine and is keen to sink her teeth into a new challenge with The Grass Group. Alongside the marketing of the business she will also be taking on various sales tasks and her organisational skills are sure to keep the team on their toes.

She not only works hard in the office, but loves a good work out in the gym too. Food features very high on her list of priorities and she has a real interest in nutrition. Megan’s guilty pleasure is watching murder mysteries and in her spare time she enjoys days out with her young family and of course a bit of retail therapy.


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Is enjoying the game more important than preserving it?

By Grassgroup, June 13, 2016 3:37 pm

“Paris floods: Seine level starts dropping after 30-year high.” “Northern Tasmania faces worst flooding in decades as storm heads south.” “Summer has begun but it’s colder than Christmas day.” These are all titles taken from papers in the past month showing how the weather has been behaving unexpectedly. With the weather being so unpredictable, it is difficult to deny both the effects of global warming and the continuing impact the human race has on the environment.


I recently read a rather interesting and thought provoking article published by the University of Connecticut: “Environmentally Sustainable Practices at Small Community Sports Facilities” by John Schumacher.


Ralph and Stubbs (2014, p1) say that, “the current state of the global natural environment constitutes one of the most urgent and significant challenges in recent history [and] the overwhelming view of scientists is that organisations, industries and government must adopt sustainable practices and commence mitigation again to prevent further degradation to decrease current greenhouse gas emissions and to prevent further increases in emissions in order to minimise these impacts.”


How, as an industry, can we change what we do in order to improve the environment? This should be a particularly poignant question for the industry we are in as we are all directly affected by global warming. As a groundsman there are different challenge faced with changing weather. Suppliers must innovate to find more environmentally friendly ways of serving our industry as ultimately, the changing weather can affect the seasonality and demand for the various sports we all serve. Albeit it not related to grass, the National Hockey League (NHL) in America released a sustainability report whereby Gary Bettman, commissioner, stated that, “[their] sport can trace its roots to frozen freshwater pond, to cold climates. Major environmental challenges, such as climate change and freshwater scarcity, affect opportunities for hockey players of all ages to learn and play the game outdoors.” This is evidence that climate change is happening and it is affecting the nature of our sport and will be directly affecting our industry.


So why is more not being done about it?


As stated by one of the interviewees, Richard in the University of Connecticut theses, “everything is budget, everything always comes back to budget [...] it all comes down to cost. So, you know, if it comes down to product made in America or not made in America, or made environmentally friendly or non-environmentally friendly… usually no one wants to look at that, they just want to know how much it costs and that’s what we have to go on.” Richard also goes on to point out that, “people care about what is happening to their tax bill right now” as opposed to in the future. Richard is correct to draw on this disparity between bills and the environment, whereby what we are only vested in is the ‘here and now’ and not the future. If we are prepared to pay sportsmen a hefty sum of money but we are not willing to invest environmentally in areas such as waste management, grounds care and office life than can we truly purport to defend the environment of which we serve? Our monetary priority should be as much about sport as it is about the environment. Indeed, protecting the game is as important as enjoying it. As an industry we should then, invest now in the environment whilst we still can, rather than in years to come when it’ll be too late.


Links to the above


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The Pro-Flex 120, performance at a practical price!

By Grassgroup, April 22, 2016 9:22 am

The Pro-Flex 120 by Progressive Turf Equipment, available exclusively from The Grass Group is the most widely used pull behind contour finishing mower in the market. First introduced to the golf industry in 1999, the Pro-Flex 120 has become the ‘go-to’ contour and rough mower due to its versatility, its 10′ wide uniform cut, and its proven reliability. Although well regarded as a rough mower, the Pro-Flex 120 is equally at home on a fairway due to the quality of cut and a superb after cut appearance. With 5 independent floating decks, the Pro-Flex 120 can easily follow contour changes that are commonly found on golf courses, producing a uniform quality cut that is demanded by greenkeepers and members alike. A clear advantage of the Pro-Flex 120 over competing mowers is the ability to easily cut a transition or “first-cut” between the fairway and rough in no time at all! Cut height is conveniently set on each deck so you can use the Pro-Flex 120 to help speed play and make the course look even better. Something that competing mowers cannot do. In summary, the rugged construction, ease of maintenance, and features that are not found in competitive models sets the Pro-Flex 120 apart in all aspects of quality, dependability, and value! It is, The Better Built Choice.








So what differences does the Pro-Flex 120 offer?

The industry exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ system is standard equipment on a newer Pro-Flex 120, and a feature not found on other contour mowers. Pro Lift-N-Turn™ allows the operator to temporarily raise the decks slightly off the ground without stopping and with the PTO still engaged; all without fear of doing any component damage or impacting belt life, and the driveline is subjected to less wear and tear. Crossing a path or another minor obstacle has never been easier or faster making the Pro-Flex 120 a smarter choice than ever before! Additionally before engaging the PTO, the operator can first lift the decks so the blades are above the uncut grass. This reduces the stress placed on the complete drivetrain of the tractor and mower when the PTO is engaged. (Refer to the Operator’s Manual for precautions and operating instructions.)








Automatic Drive Belt Tensioning

With the goal to lower ongoing maintenance costs, the Pro-Flex 120 is equipped with rubber-damped, automatic belt tensioners, offering several cost saving benefits. Replacing the older spring type tensioner, all of the upper drive and deck belts are tensioned using a maintenance free rubber-damped, automatic tensioner. Field proven over several years, this type of belt tightening provides more consistent tension as the belts ‘seat-in’, further increasing belt durability and life; allowing Progressive to achieve the mandate of lower operating costs. All of the spring type belt tensioners used in the past have been eliminated, so there are now fewer moving parts for greater long term reliability.

Lowering the Cost of Routine Maintenance

Pro-Flex 120’s are now equipped with PTO shafts that feature a 100 hour lubrication interval to lower routine maintenance costs. With the introduction of the automatic belt tensioners, there are 25% fewer grease fittings than on previous models!








MAINTENANCE FREE BLADE SPINDLES we’ve introduced on all ProFlex’s, reducing routine maintenance and increasing peace of mind. Combining the reduction in grease points with the 100 hour PTO shaft greasing interval, the Pro-Flex 120 offers peace of mind – gone is the fear that a missed service point by un-familiar maintenance personnel will render the mower out of service and put grounds maintenance behind schedule.

The Pro-Flex 120 is all about providing high value to the owner over the long term. Unlike a self-contained, ride-on rough mower, the Pro-Flex 120 offers increased equipment utilization as the tractor can be used for other tasks when not required for mowing. This means a lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, the required horsepower for the utility tractor connected to a Pro-Flex 120 is about half of what a Tier 4 self-contained mower requires. This directly translates to a large savings in fuel, year-after-year. The mechanical simplicity and low operating cost of a utility tractor and Pro-Flex combination, compared to that of a dedicated hydrostatically driven, self-contained mower, confirms the value offered by the Pro-Flex 120.

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