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Summer Stock Clearance

By Grassgroup, July 24, 2017 9:30 am


Apparently it’s summer despite the gloomy weather we are enduring at TGG HQ this morning.

Just wanted to bring you up to date with our latest summer offers. We have a great selection of offers over the coming weeks – make sure you make the most of the opportunity.

This is your full Tine clearance preview!

Over the next few weeks we are going to have an array of Tines on clearance:

John Deere/ Toro

3/8″ Mount – Side Eject Coring Tines – 5″ in length in either .266″ or .310″ dia.

3/8″ Mount – Solid Tines – 5″ and 6″ in length in either .25″ 0r .375″ dia.

3/4″ Mount – Solid Tines – 6″ in length and .625″ in dia.

3/4″ Mount – Venting Tines – 4.74″ in length and .75″ dia.

Redexim Verti-Drain

5/16″ Mount – Side Eject Carbide Coring Tines – 6.125″ in length and .240″ dia.

5/16″ Mount – Solid Tines – 10″ in length and .3125″ dia.

PLUS unbeatable prices on all Tines currently in stock – contact us to find out more. If you are after a particular Tine chances are we have it in stock.*

Contact us today on 01638 720123 or email for more information.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions.

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Phoenix Tines: More than Mythology…!

By Grassgroup, April 11, 2017 10:17 am

Much like its name sake would suggest – the Phoenix™ Tines from The Grass Group are forged in fire through a patented thermo-chemical process. During which almost all of the iron (Fe) is displaced for a new, much harder element. This unique multi-step process creates a tighter cell structure than the original alloy. Phoenix™ Tines are additionally processed in a vacuum under extreme heat and pressure resulting in tines of outstanding durability and performance.

All Phoenix™ Tines are guaranteed to last as long as comparable carbide tipped coring Tines, but in tests Phoenix™ tines have actually far surpassed the carbide in use-life and  they also do not rust like other tines due to their ‘anti-rust’ coating – win.

Phoenix™ Tines are resilient and super tough, this results in benefits that include:

  • Less broken and chipped tips
  • Less time spent searching for lost tips
  • Less side-wear above the tip
  • Reduced ‘grow-in’ time

With technology that ultimately delivers better value for money and a great list of benefits that clearly add up, why would you opt for anything else…?

Email today to find out which products are available in the Phoenix™ finish. They really are that good!


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Don’t get bogged down, get Tines!

By Grassgroup, March 27, 2017 9:27 am

There is no doubting that drainage issues on a golf course can create massive problems for greenkeepers and of course in turn affect play for members – not good news.

Deep aeration is important for all clubs, but particularly for golf clubs that sit on clay soils. After the particularly wet winter we have just endured it is more essential than ever to make sure you not only have the right tools, but quality tools for the job. If you haven’t already thought about aerating or haven’t got round to placing an order, don’t panic it is not too late!

Our standard Tines are anything but ‘Standard’ made from 41/40 superior steel ensuring we can guarantee a proper job. The premium quality tines from The Grass Group are available in a Standard, Carbide, or Phoenix™ finish in varying mount sizes and in a choice of Solid, Vent, Talon or Coring. With the vast selection of stock we hold, we no doubt have the tines to fit your machine; John Deere, Toro, Jacobson, Verti-Drain or Wiedenmann.

Tine Type Core Features Core benefits
Quad Tines 4140 solid rod construction, available in four hole sizes. Variable wall thickness as needed available with carbide tip and Phoenix. Some available in 6″ length Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. More core removal
Coring Tines 4140 solid rod construction, available in four hole sizes. Variable wall thickness as needed available with carbide tip and Phoenix. Some available in 6″ length Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. More material removal
Solid Conventional
4140 solid rod construction, available in varied sizes and mounts Long life, optimum wear. Fits most conventional machines
Solid Talon 4140 solid rod construction, cross shape design. Available with 3/8″ and ½” ribs Long life, optimum wear. Root severing promotes growth, hole stays open for gas and water exchange. Gentle on greens
Solid Vent 4140 solid rod construction. ¾” rib design mounting diameters for deep and conventional tine machines Long life, optimum wear. Hole stays open for 3 weeks, play immediately after aerify with no negative effect on putting. Stress relief in drought or flood conditions
Fairway Coring 4140 solid rod construction. Extra wall thickness, variable wall thickness as needed. Available in carbide and Phoenix Long life, optimum wear. Minimum bending on fairways. More economical through longer life
Deep Coring Tines 4140 steel. Variable wall thickness as needed. Available in mounts for VD, Toro and Wiedenmann Long life, optimum wear, core removal and de-thatch. More economical through extended life. Stronger and more dependable tines
Solid Deep Tines 4140 solid rod construction. Available in mounts for VD, Toro and Wiedenmann Long life, optimum wear

Go on, give us a call on 01638 720123 today or drop us an email at and we will be happy to give you a quote.


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Another Happy Tines Customer

By Grassgroup, February 2, 2016 11:29 am

Here at The Grass Group we only sell high quality products that we believe in. We are extremely proud of our product range and it is made all the better when customers phone us to tell us how much they enjoy using our products.

Our CTI Tines and Bedknives are proving ever popular, particularly our Phoenix Tines. These tines have been forged in fire through a patented thermo-chemical process. It is a fundamental reconstitution of the best available steel alloy, creating a much tighter cell structure – the outcome? Outstanding durability! One customer called us yesterday and said:


“One set of standard tines lasts normally 9 greens but the Phoenix tines lasted 21 greens plus 12 tees. This is considerably better value and far more efficient as there is no down time to change the tines half way round the course. Just put a new set on and that’s it until the next time.”


Less down time changing tines means you make it round the course quicker and back for a cup of a tea! What’s not to like?!

In fact, people liked the durability of the Phoenix tines so much that CTI have now released Phoenix Bedknives. Although not made in exactly the same process, they are made to be superior and longer lasting blades. they have a different design in order to reduce scalping or scraping and will hold an edge longer during significant topdressing.

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Cricket Renovation

By Grassgroup, August 17, 2015 9:07 am

As we near the end of the cricket season it is important to look forward to cricket pitch renovation. It is necessary to perform such a task very shortly after the last match so as to prevent the square from looking too sparse and to allow optimum regrowth before the next season.

Here at The Grass Group we have compiled some suggestions for renovating your pitch.


If you are looking for a complete renovation fraise mowing may be necessary.

The GKB Combinator is an apt machine for such a task, removing the top layer of grass and thatch accumulation.

For a slightly lighter approach, you can use the tractor drawn ED130 which uses its brush to collect as it scarifies. Alternatively, aggressively brushing the pitch to remove soil and debris can begin the process of renovation.



Aerification of the soil in a linear vertical, horizontal and diagonal fashion is optimal. Lots of smaller little holes tend to provide the best results. It may be necessary to flood the pitch several times in order for the ground to be soft enough for a sarel spiked roller. Our ATT TMSystem range has a sarel spiked roller perfect for the job at hand! If you use a different type of aerator, CTI tines could be complementary.


Next comes the OverSeeder. The small holes made during aerification have prepared the soil for the even deep spreading of the seed.

If there are particular areas that have been affected then applying a light coating of loam would be beneficial. OverSeeding can be done on a larger scale using the RGD140 or on a   smaller scale with the Seed Car.



As always, there are many different ways to renovate a cricket pitch and it is dependent on your preferences, pitch and weather conditions.

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Grass Group launches a new online Tines shop

By Grassgroup, September 9, 2013 4:28 pm


Buy your Tines and Bed Knives online

The Grass Group is delighted to announce the introduction of a dedicated website and shop for Tines and Bed Knives – This online shop offers a comprehensive range of turf Tines and Bed Knives that are manufactured to the highest quality and competitively priced.  Customers can source and purchase replacement aeration Tines or Bed Knives directly from the shop.

The selection of Tines and Bed Knives products are suitable for the majority of OEM manufacturers including Jacobsen, John Deere, Toro, Verti-Drain and Weidenmann.  Products are held in stock and can be quickly despatched by The Grass group nationally. The Grass Group has an established an exclusive sales and distribution agreement with US manufacturer CTI. CTI manufacture with the goal of being best-in-class; by example they use superior steel in the production of their Tines and Bed Knives and each Tine is a one piece solid construction (whereas other manufacturers often have two part construction). CTI’s solid rod construction is just one of many reasons as to why our Tines have longer life, optimum wear and provide significant operational performance plus value for money.

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