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RotaDairon RGD140 Disk Overseeder

The new RGD140 disc overseeder is a precision engineered 1.4m machine from Dairon for use with a compact tractor. Using an adjustable height disc it cuts a slit which is opened with a following coulter. The seed is accurately measured using Dairons latest seeder system and sown directly into the groove which is pressed closed using a flexible rear roller. The RGD140 is light and has excellent contour following capabilities as it is very compact from front to rear and only 1.4m wide and in addition has a floating top link. Combining this with a low power requirement means this is an ideal machine for overseeding confined areas such as golf greens and tees but is wide enough to cope with larger areas such as fairways, cricket fields, football pitches etc. if required. As such it is suitable for contractors, hire companies and end users alike and is extremely competitively priced.

The RGD140 does not require any hydraulic or power take off power, The drive for the seeder is taken directly from ground contact with the rear roller. The new modular seeding system is capable of sowing all seed types including coated and perhaps uniquely, wild flower seed. This is because it has a soft inner cup which does not damage the seed whatever the seed size or shape. Each cup has a variable cover which is opened and closed using a precise control on the side of the machine which incorporates a dial allowing accurate rate control and offers the opportunity to be able to swap back and forwards between jobs and seed types but accurately re-set the rate without having to recalibrate. In dry or tough conditions there are additional weights which may be added to the frame over the discs to ensure maximum penetration is achieved.


  • All types of grass seeds and seed mixtures
  • High precision seeding with volumetric adjustment of all openings in the seeder rotor.
  • Easy cleaning of the seed box by removing the seed valve agitator without any tools.
  • The placing of the seeds in grooves is obtained using disk and coulter.
  • The work depth and seed rate are adjusted with visual indicators.

Technical Specifications

Number of cutting discs30
Number of grooves30
Number of shoe supports10 pieces of 3 shoes
Distance between grooves48mm
3 pint hitchFloating top link
WeightsFront weight system
  • RotaDairon RGD140 Over seeder
  • RotaDairon RGD140 Over seeder
  • RotaDairon RGD140 Over seeder
  • RotaDairon RGD140 Over seeder
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