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ATT INFiNiSystem 30 Pedestrian

The INFiNiSystem 30 is a dedicated traction unit that is available with dual power source hybrid engine/generator power module or a twin lead acid battery or lithium battery to reduce noise, be compliant with health and safety legislations and improve fuel efficiency. The ergonomic, easily adjustable, handle allows for configuration to a comfortable operating position where the operator will find the controls simple to operate. The unique floating head mechanism has a dynamic return* feature that is constantly trying to spread the weight of the treatment tool evenly, even when on steep slopes. It is lightweight with a triple roller system giving fantastic paneling results on the pitch. No moving parts means no wear and less maintenance. In addition, the collection bucket is mounted on the traction unit frame to limit the weight transfer to the cassette, to give a more consistent height of cut during operation. In all, the unit is optimally balanced during operation and end of line turning.

*Patents Granted or Pending

Technical Specifications


Compatible with the TMSystem™


A pedestrian “Multi Function Power Unit” electronically controlled with a variable clip rate by means of forward speed adjustment. Quick “ on course” change from Engine generator Module to battery Module if required.


Traction Unit Drum power delivery is via a chain drive to a differential. The differential is “outboard” of the traction drums and is fully serviceable independent of the traction drums.

Transmission Output Control

Forward speed can be changed resulting in variable clip rate. Both forward speed and TMSystem™ cassette rotation can be independently switched off via the Transmission Output controls.

Power Source

Honda GX120 coupled to a 1.5Kw generator to deliver a continuous 48V supply to both the traction drive and cassette’s DC brushless motors. Lead acid or optional lithium 48v battery module (DCLA or LiPo for longer life).

Traction Unit Chassis
Aluminium/stainless steel all bolted monocoque design.

Floating Yoke Mechanism

The patent pending floating head system exploits leaf spring technology to offer independent movement of the TMSystem™. The “non swing” action of the float ensures accurate tracking across the turf. The “springs” impart even down pressure on all slopes negating uneven cutting.

Grass Bucket

“Shark Fin” connecters offer simple, secure installation and removal.

Optional Extras

Chassis with smoother roller
Chassis with grooved roller
Lithium battery power module (inc. charger)
Rear roller power brush
7 & 11 blade options available
Transport wheels
Transport trailer


  • ATT INFiNiSystem 30
  • ATT INFiNiSystem 30
  • ATT INFiNiSystem 30
  • ATT INFiNiSystem 30


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ATT INFiNiSystem



ATT INFiNiSystem


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ATT INFiNiSystem



ATT INFiNiSystem


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ATT INFiNiSystem


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