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Rotadairon ED 130 TS Dethatcher and Spiker

2 Maintenance tools in 1.

1. Dethatchers

Removes the organic matter (twigs, leaves, surface roots or dead stolon’s), which slows down the permeability and gas transfer, leading to cryptogrammic diseases and turf fretting.

2. Spiker

Without the PTO (dismounted) and by rolling, the ED becomes the ideal spiking machine for golf greens and athletic fields.
The machine comes with 3 different blade options:
Standard blades
Non sharpened blades
Tungsten tip blades

Technical Specifications

ED 130 TS
Weight 386kg
Working width 1300 mm 52"
Number of sharpened knives 159
Number of knife support discs 53
Gap between knives 23mm
Required power 25 to 40 HP
Work depth settings Front roller with 2 positions, Rear roller with depth gauge
Transmission Oil bath chain
3 point hitch Categories 1 & 2
PTO shaft rotation speed 540 RPM
Length 800 mm (30")
Width 1500 mm (60")
Height 750 mm (30")
Standard equipment Cast casing, Stainless steel rollers, multi position rear cover
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