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Rotadairon e.SEEDCAR

The Rotadairon® e.SEEDCAR is an electric assisted seeder which will allow you to comfortably turf your land and preserve the environment
The machine is fitted with a quiet electric motor and its battery has an autonomy of 60-90 min, allowing for about 2500 m² per cycle.
The metal mesh roller, at the front, wafts the soil. Then the seed drill deposits the seeds. Finally the smooth rear roller, ideally compacts the soil to obtain a good germination and avoid the marking of the steps of the user.

  1. Seed level indicator
  2. Seed flow adjustment
  3. Quick adjustment of handlebar height
  4. Battery
  5. Stainless steel gravity drill
  6. Advancement trigger
  7. Quick release guillotine system without flow change
  8. Seed Depot Calibration Auger
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