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RotaDairon Stony® All you need to know!

By , October 16, 2019 3:01 pm

The compact soil renovator for 12 to 25 HP Tractors.

The Dairon Company has developed a range of machines suitable for the smallest tractors of the market and named: Stony®

The Stony® have been designed to perform the same work as their big brothers of the RD range:
• Highest quality cultivation and mixing
• Burying of stones, debris, grass
• Grading with adjustable grader blade
• Rolling
• Seeding with the Seedy (seeder adaptable on
the Stony 75 NIV) or with the SM 90 (seeder
adaptable on the Stony 90 NIV)

Here’s some of the technical spec:

Soil Renovator Stony 75 NIV Stony 90 NIV
Working Width (mm) 750 900
Overall Width (mm) 1250 1350
Work Depth (mm) 140 140
Rotor Outside Diameter 400 400
Number of Blades 16 20
Number of Grate Fingers 24 31
Required Power (HP) 12 to 18 18 to 25
PTO Rotation Speed (RPM) 540 540
Weight (KG) 270 295


Got a requirement and interested in finding out more about any of the of the machines from the Stone Buriers range? Email:

RotaDairon – Often copied – Never matched.

We currently have a second hand Stony90 in stock.

One previous owner, front paint work slightly damaged but does in no way affect use. 








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New features for the Pro-Flex120

By , March 29, 2018 2:29 pm


NEW features for 2018 include:

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles

Pro Lift-N-Turn™

Automatic Wing Lock Valve

Rubber Damped, Automatic Belt Tensioners

100 Hour PTO Shaft Greasing Intervals

More Robust Belts and Easier Changes

Longer Service Life

Developed and tested over several years, the new maintenance free blade spindle is completely interchangeable with a greased spindle that is found on earlier models, the same spindle housing is used providing wide spacing between the bearings, ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. Maintenance free blade spindles not only provide peace of mind concerning a missed service, they also reduce overall maintenance time and costs.

The industry exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ system is standard equipment on a newer Pro-Flex 120, and a feature not found on other contour mowers. Pro Lift-N-Turn™ allows the operator to temporarily raise the decks slightly off the ground without stopping and with the PTO still engaged; all without fear of doing any component damage or impacting belt life, and the driveline is subjected to less wear and tear. Crossing a path or another minor obstacle has never been easier or faster making the Pro-Flex 120 a smarter choice than ever before!

With the goal to lower ongoing maintenance costs, the Pro-Flex 120 is equipped with rubber-damped, automatic belt tensioners, offering several cost saving benefits. Replacing the older spring type tensioner, all of the upper drive and deck belts are tensioned using a maintenance free rubber-damped, automatic tensioner.

Would you like to see this bit of kit in action for yourself? Contact us to book your demo today.

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A closer look at the Pro-Flex120

By , March 14, 2018 1:41 pm

The Pro-Flex really is the ultimate choice when it comes to your contour mowing requirements.

We know everyone is feeling the pinch so make the most of this option to spread the cost.

Why buy an expensive ride on mower that can only be used for one function? The Pro-Flex will give you years of reliable performance and there is absolutely no need to compromise on the quality of cut and it allows you to utilise your tractor for other uses when not mowing – you know it makes sense. The Pro-Flex will last for years, we are now starting to get a stream of customer who have owned their machine for 10 – 13 years and the machine is still running well, they would just like a new shinny one with all the new even more duarable features.

The ProFlex 120 has several unique features that are very important on a trailed contour mower and these are currently ONLY available from Progressive.

The main feature that makes this mower stand out from the competition and perform so well as a contour mower are the floating decks – 5 decks in total that sit on the main frame. Essentially 5 walk behind mowers in one, you can’t get a better contour cut from a trailed machine than you do with the ProFlex Each independent floating deck has shock absorbers to reduce deck bounce as the mower travels over uneven ground and the unique 4-way rotating swivel hitch allows the tractor and mower to travel across uneven terrain without affecting one another.

Although well regarded as a rough mower, the ProFlex is equally at home on a fairway due to the quality of cut and the after cut appearance, making it ideal and not just for the more value conscious.

The independent floating decks give a 10 foot cutting width, this combined with the high blade tip speed and uplift of the blade ensures great coverage and the cut to be perfect every time with minimal compaction. The front and back rollers along with the side skids (pictured here on the right) positioned on each deck assist with the anti scalping capabilities of this machine. The height of cut is adjustable from 20 to 82.5mm in 5mm increments, changeable on each deck and the adjustable discharge deflectors give an even discharge of clippings.

The outer wings fold to give a transport width of 2.43m, and the three inner decks can actually be operated in this position, allowing access to more confined areas on the course. As a rough mower, the ProFlex is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where you just wouldn’t risk taking another mower for fear of damage.

Another new feature to the deck that has been developed and tested over several years is the maintenance free blade spindle. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle (used on earlier models) the same spindle housing provides wide spacing between the bearings, ensuring low bearing loading and long service life.
















1. Five Individual floating decks

It’s like having five walk behind mowers in one. Each deck has it’s own discharge deflector, deck lift cylinder, deck, safety lock and shock absorbers.

2. Anti-Scalp Contour Mower

As even the logo would suggest. It is unmatched
in it’s ability to ride undulations. There is no other mower on the market that will cut uneven ground like this one. Everyone who sees it in action loves it.

3. Wing Lift

This feature isgreat for ease of storage and ease
of transport. Located on either side of the machine.

4. Belts

5. Reduced Maintenance

Go 100 hours
between greasing added valuable time to other required activities.

6. Rollers

These assist the mowers anti-scalping ability, by guiding the machine over the uneven ground.

7. Side Skids

These also assist with the machines anti-scalping abilities.

8. Ease of Use

Simple cutting height adjustment on each deck.


Call 01638 720123 or drop us an email at to find out more or book a demo.




RotaDairon ED130 TS

By , March 9, 2018 3:31 pm


2 Maintenance tools in 1

1. Dethatchers

Removes the organic matter (twigs, leaves, surface roots or dead stolon’s), which slows down the permeability and gas transfer, leading to cryptogrammic diseases and turf fretting.

2. Spiker

Without the PTO (dismounted) and by rolling, the ED becomes the ideal spiking machine for golf greens and athletic fields.

The machine comes with 3 different blade options;
Standard blades
Non sharpened blades
Tungsten tip blades

The ED machines have inter changeable blades so you can set the spacing and blade type with ease. This machine is identical to the ED130, however it is fitted with an additional rear mounted, hydraulic tipping collection box. It also has a hydraulically operated brush to clear all debris.


Technical Specifications

ED 130 TS
Weight 386kg
Working width 1300 mm 52″
Number of sharpened knives 159
Number of knife support discs 53
Gap between knives 23mm
Required power 25 to 40 HP
Work dept settings Front roller with 2 positions, Rear roller with depth gauge
Transmission Oil bath chain
3 point hitch Categories 1 & 2
PTO shaft rotation speed 540 RPM
Length 800 mm (30″)
Width 1500 mm (60″)
Height 750 mm (30″)

RotaDairon – Often copied – Never matched.

Got a requirement and interested in finding out more about one of the machines from the ED range? Email:

Call us now on 01638 720123


BTME 2016, No snow but lots of show!

By , January 26, 2016 8:09 am

This years BTME was as busy as ever for The Grass Group, with a record number of visitors to and enquiries from the front of Hall A. Of course the ATT range is always of great interest but with a greens triple set up on the stand with the TMSystem range this year the stand had a very hands-on feel to it.










Along with an ATT demonstration table and the ever popular CTI Tine and bedknife range the stand was full of enquiries from the beginning to the end of each day. The installation of green Progressive ProFlex outside raised eyebrows and questions over this new version of the ever popular machine and will undoubtedly lead to the red or green choice coming at order time!











Overall we at The Grass Group felt that the show was well attended and the from the feedback we received there is a lot more positivity in the market for 2016! Now, lets start planning 2017……..


Say Whaaat?!

By , September 15, 2015 11:22 am

You may have seen our recent post on Leslie Cain using the words “Favourite, Fundamental and Fantastic” to describe our ATT INFiNiSystem. Well, we were so flattered and think it’s important you know just what people are saying about our machine so we thought we’d make a bit of a thing about it. So… A warm welcome to this edition of “Say Whaaat?”.

You never know you might even see something you’ve said 🙂

Some were blown away that an electric mower could work:

“Electric mower I thought no way, seen it in the flesh I’m now 1 of the converted

“Changing the rules of the game #sustainability

Some loved the quality:

“Had this winger down a few pitches this week @turftechnology 30” INFiNiSystem, effective and a great finish!”

“Day off or take advantage of @thegrassgroup electric/battery cylinder mower trial. Superb micro cut 30″ cut 3 hrs”

Other just plain loved it:

“Gave this a good run for its money today suitably impressed

“Had a go of the demo machine the infinicut ultragroomer this week, very impressive piece of kit!”

Superb piece of kit”

“Been trialling the infinicut ultragroomer this week, very impressed with it”

“Would highly recommend [a demo], nothing comes close in my humble opinion”


Now if that doesn’t make you want to try our machine our I don’t know what will!!

If we’re honest we think we deserve some cakes in celebration… who knows we might even bring them to the demo with us….



New Machine from GKB

By , July 13, 2015 1:13 pm

Introducing the GKB TopAir: a roller and aerator able to control any grub situation and aerate.









Designed for the sports turf industry, this is an innovative, sustainable machine as it combines rolling and aerating meaning you only have to pass once. You are saving on time constraints and CO2 emissions… WIN WIN.

The machine has specially designed GKB Evolente blades. The shape of blades means less friction and less lateral force. Your top layers remains intact and less power is used. The fitted trim sliders will help with grub control.

The depth of aeration is 16cm and can be regulated through the height-adjustable roller and the easily readable measuring rod. The pressure of the roller can also be adjusted by adding up to 300kg of water.

Sustainable, innovative and great quality – what’s not to like?!

Why do we Topdress?

By , February 19, 2015 3:44 pm

Why do we Topdress?




Thatch control, drainage, correcting compaction, and smoothing surface irregularities are four of the primary reasons for topdressing.

Top dressing is one of our main tools for promoting firm and true putting surfaces. It is also the key ingredient for making the greens indigenous to improving the cultivar of grass that we are trying to promote. It is one of the most important jobs we do to improve ariation in the soil with sand particles breaking down any OM (organic matter).

Through the growing season we aim to top dress once every four to six weeks and we usually apply around six dressings per year (trying to achieve around 150 tonne of sand per year). * Royal Cromer Golf Club

How much does it cost per year to Topdress a Golf Course?

A golf course uses annually approximately 110 tonnes of topdressing per hectare, this works out at on average 120-150 tonnes annually although links courses can use up to 350 tonnes a year.**

Again on average the cost per year of topdressing material alone can be in the region of £8,000 (without any labour or machinery costs). **

Are there any alternatives to Topdressing?

Yes Ultragrooming,

What is Ultragrooming?

Ultragrooming is a process that removes the puffiness and thatch from your greens and fairways significantly reducing the need to topdress.

With regular use it is the pre-eminent solution to help minimize puffiness and remove organic matter in both high density creeping bent and Bermuda grass thereby reducing the scalping and foot-printing that plagues these new grasses. It will remove unsightly seed heads in Poa annua turf with minimal fuss. On newly established greens it can help reduce the ingress of Poa annua by “grabbing” individual Poa plants before they get a chance to take hold. It will produce a superior fine leafed Poa turf stand when used regularly on Poa dominant greens.

A single ATT Ultragrooming cassette is fitted with over 80 1.3mm tungsten tipped Carbide blades spaced at 5mm apart designed to vertically groom through the grass standing it up and removing thatch, letting in light, air and moisture to enable better and stronger growth naturally without the aid of large amounts of Topdressing material.

How much does Ultragrooming cost?

As part of the TM System, an Ultragrooming cassette package to fit your existing triple mower costs in the region of £5,230 and cuts down the need to top dress dramatically, you will see improvement in your greens, reduced costs due to the need to top dress less and also environmental benefits from not paying for and also the shipping of expensive and dwindling stocks of sand.

We estimate that through the cost savings you’ll make in the first year alone through decreased use of topdressing material you will have more than paid for the Ultragroomers and will then also have a basis for a full turf maintenance package of fourteen cassettes that you can build on year on year.

The question is really not why do why Topdress, but why don’t we Ultragroom?












Renovation? Fraise mowing? You need the Combinator!

By , December 5, 2014 11:45 am

As renovations move on at pace and people are already looking towards spring – fraise mowing is becoming more and more popular in the golf environment as well as the sports turf world. The Combinator from GKB, available exclusively through The Grass Group is a heavy-duty fraise mower for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface.







The GKB Combinator has been specially developed for work on grassy areas. As the top layers can be cut to a length of 0 to 5 cm, the machine is suitable for both fraise mowing and verticutting. The Combinator can remove both the top layer and grass cover.The cut material is then taken away by a horizontal and an elevating conveyor belt. The elevating conveyor belt can be folded away neatly onto the machine (for transport). The depth can be varied by adjusting the conveyor rollers to match the threaded spindles. In all models, adjustment of both the rear and forward rollers is done using a pendulum system.  The Combinator can also be used for the removal of infill material in artificial surfaces. When renovating artificial turf it is often necessary to replace the infill material, by equipping the Combinator with a special brush the infill material can be brushed off the field. The in­fill material is then transported to a conveyor belt, so that it can easily be collected and disposed of.

The GKB Combinator Fraise Mower in action


If you need to fraise mow during this renovation period, contact us for further information.


Keep getting the results on your winter pitch!

By , November 17, 2014 1:42 pm

The winter sports pitch groundsman has his work cut out, trying to keep the playing surface looking and performing at its best at a time of year when grass growth is at a minimum and daylight hours limited. Add to this a busy fixture list and weather conditions that stress the sward and predispose wear, and maintaining ground cover becomes an even bigger challenge.

Preparation is key, along with regimes and techniques that minimise further stress on the turf.Make use of favourable conditions in the autumn to get your turf in the best possible condition for the months ahead, Scarify to remove dead material and create a good growing medium for overseeding, attend to any drainage issues and top dress to level and condition the surface.

On local authority and school pitches which may be bordered by trees, don’t forget the importance of removing leaves and debris.

Use a vacuum sweeper to clear the pitch and remove any grass clippings – get as much light and air to the turf as possible, If you need to continue this as the weather deteriorates, a Trilo vacuum is the least aggressive method, making minimal contact with the turf, avoiding stress and possible damage that could occur with a flail collector. Using a Trilo blower can help take the dew off and is useful if you need to cut travel on the pitch.








As winter progresses, late overseeding on may on some surfaces be suitable, this is where the Dairon RGD seeder can produce excellent results in combination with the underpitch heating and artificial lighting rigs that are commonly used.
It’s better to look after the pitch as best you can so that it is ready to scarify and seed as soon as the weather improves in February or March. In most circumstances the grass is now moving into its dormant phase and just needs protecting until the spring.


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