Value for Money: Progressive Pro-Flex 120.

By , March 22, 2017 12:55 pm

The Pro-Flex 120 is all about offering high value to the owner. Unlike a self-contained, ride-on rough mower, the Pro-Flex provides increased equipment performance as the tractor can be used for other tasks when not required for mowing – This means a lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, the required horsepower for the tractor connected to a Pro-Flex is considerably less which equates to large savings in fuel year after year – Nice! The mechincal simplicity and low operating cost of this tractor and Pro-Flex combination, compared to that of a dedicated hydrostatically driven, self-contained mower, confirms the value offered by the Pro-Flex.

The Pro-Flex is such a versatile mower, it is equally at home as a fairway or rough mower. With the ability to cut as low as 1″ and height adjustment easily set on each deck, the machine operator can easily change the cutting height on each deck of the Pro-Flex in minutes. Most importantly there isn’t the requirement for the time consuming task of first levelling all the decks, as required with competing mowers. Setting the Pro-Flex height individually on each deck gives the Greenkeeper the flexibility to change mowing heights as conditions or mowing locations change. As time is money, we would say this is a massive win.

As a rough mower, the Pro-Flex is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where reel type mowers can’t be for fear of expensive damage.

So what are you waiting for? The Pro-Flex 120 delivers 100% if you are looking for:

  • A quality cut
  • Excellent contour following
  • Large working width
  • High work rate with shock absorbers to prevent bouncing of decks
  • Flexibility as the wing decks can be hydraulically raised for restrictive areas
  • Ability to cut round obstacles with its excellent turning circle
  • With its solid construction giving a dependable service
  • Low maintenance cost
  • A machine that is easy to maintain

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