A closer look at the Pro-Flex120

By , March 14, 2018 1:41 pm

The Pro-Flex really is the ultimate choice when it comes to your contour mowing requirements.

We know everyone is feeling the pinch so make the most of this option to spread the cost.

Why buy an expensive ride on mower that can only be used for one function? The Pro-Flex will give you years of reliable performance and there is absolutely no need to compromise on the quality of cut and it allows you to utilise your tractor for other uses when not mowing – you know it makes sense. The Pro-Flex will last for years, we are now starting to get a stream of customer who have owned their machine for 10 – 13 years and the machine is still running well, they would just like a new shinny one with all the new even more duarable features.

The ProFlex 120 has several unique features that are very important on a trailed contour mower and these are currently ONLY available from Progressive.

The main feature that makes this mower stand out from the competition and perform so well as a contour mower are the floating decks – 5 decks in total that sit on the main frame. Essentially 5 walk behind mowers in one, you can’t get a better contour cut from a trailed machine than you do with the ProFlex Each independent floating deck has shock absorbers to reduce deck bounce as the mower travels over uneven ground and the unique 4-way rotating swivel hitch allows the tractor and mower to travel across uneven terrain without affecting one another.

Although well regarded as a rough mower, the ProFlex is equally at home on a fairway due to the quality of cut and the after cut appearance, making it ideal and not just for the more value conscious.

The independent floating decks give a 10 foot cutting width, this combined with the high blade tip speed and uplift of the blade ensures great coverage and the cut to be perfect every time with minimal compaction. The front and back rollers along with the side skids (pictured here on the right) positioned on each deck assist with the anti scalping capabilities of this machine. The height of cut is adjustable from 20 to 82.5mm in 5mm increments, changeable on each deck and the adjustable discharge deflectors give an even discharge of clippings.

The outer wings fold to give a transport width of 2.43m, and the three inner decks can actually be operated in this position, allowing access to more confined areas on the course. As a rough mower, the ProFlex is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where you just wouldn’t risk taking another mower for fear of damage.

Another new feature to the deck that has been developed and tested over several years is the maintenance free blade spindle. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle (used on earlier models) the same spindle housing provides wide spacing between the bearings, ensuring low bearing loading and long service life.
















1. Five Individual floating decks

It’s like having five walk behind mowers in one. Each deck has it’s own discharge deflector, deck lift cylinder, deck, safety lock and shock absorbers.

2. Anti-Scalp Contour Mower

As even the logo would suggest. It is unmatched
in it’s ability to ride undulations. There is no other mower on the market that will cut uneven ground like this one. Everyone who sees it in action loves it.

3. Wing Lift

This feature isgreat for ease of storage and ease
of transport. Located on either side of the machine.

4. Belts

5. Reduced Maintenance

Go 100 hours
between greasing added valuable time to other required activities.

6. Rollers

These assist the mowers anti-scalping ability, by guiding the machine over the uneven ground.

7. Side Skids

These also assist with the machines anti-scalping abilities.

8. Ease of Use

Simple cutting height adjustment on each deck.


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