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ATT TMSystem is now available for Eclipse users.

By , July 20, 2011 9:05 am

ATT have been working hard to develop their cassette system over the last 12 months and the new SMARTCut cutting cassette is testament to that.  At the same time they are constantly reviewing developments from the big three and working to ensure that existing users are able to adapt or upgrade their TM System to fit the new greens and tees mowers.  ATT are now pleased to announce that it is now possible to fit the system to the Eclipse mowers, both the hybrid and the battery version.

As the pictures illustrate not only will all the existing cassettes fit but also it is possible to have SMARTCut units as well.  The advantage to the Eclipse user of using the SMARTCut is while there is no compromise in cut quality you benefit from having the rear roller power brush which takes it’s drive from the rear roller itself.  The significance of this is that it is not drawing power directly from the electric motor.  From our testing we have established, on a well adjusted cutting cylinder, a belt driven rear roller power brush can take as much as 50% of the total power requirement from the motor!!  Using the ATT System will therefore significantly reduce the load on the electric motor, less strain means a longer motor life, less power drawn means that either you can go further with your battery or less power having to be generated by the engine if you are using a hybrid. It is a win – win situation because on top of everything else the ATT System is not only efficient, multifunctional but is competitively priced too!!

RotaDairon ED130TS Scarifier collector, a sweeping success!

By , June 21, 2011 8:03 am

The RotaDairon ED130TS has been out and about on golf courses in the South of England and it has been well received!  In fact on several occasions it has been said that it was the best demonstration the greenkeepers had ever seen!! 

The scarifier blades which can either be standard or tungsten tipped are easily capable of scarifying to 25mm in depth.  The number and spacing of the blades can be easily changed using the magnetic locking mechanism with only one nut to be loosened and tightened to change the whole set. Nothing could be easier.  This means the machine is quickly adjusted to suit the conditions and the job in hand. The blades are of very high quality, matching the rest of the machine, and give a crisp clean cut


 Perhaps the most pleasing feature of the RotaDairon ED130TS as far as the greenkeepers are concerned is the cleanliness of its pick up. When purchasing a machine there are several options open to greenkeepers of scarifiers that will work deep and pull a lot of material out, Trilo offer the compact VCU120, but none sweep and  collect.  This means before The RotaDairon machine came along the scarification of the tees and greens, a simple straight forward job, was followed by the arduous clean up often involving blowers, brooms, and shovels.  Basically a lot of staff spending a lot of time to get the surface playable again. The ED130TS makes it a thing of the past.  As you can see from the photos the finish is clean and crisp, a true one pass operation. But don’t take our word for it, if you are in the market for a scarifier give us a call and the guys will be delighted to bring out the machine.  It sells itself!

INFINIPower demo units

By , March 1, 2011 11:36 am

With the first signs of grass growth since November 2010 The Grass Group are preparing to take the new INFINIPower and TM cassettes out on demonstration.

Each area of the UK has a wide wheeled trailer which can be towed to the demonstration location and then unhitched from the car and put behind a tractor or utility vehicle to take out to cutting site.

The INFINIPower will be not only be used to show the ultra groomer, thatchmaster and vibrating roller cassettes but also the new SMARTCut 11 blade replacement cutting cassette which can be used by all the tees and greens triples in conjunction with the TM Chassis.  The INFINIPower is unique I that it has a powerful 5.5hp engine and not only can its forward speed be infinitely varied so can the cassette speed.  This means when deep scarifying there is plenty of power on hand to work hard but when cutting using the SMARTCut an extremely high clip rate can be achieved.   These cassettes from the triples will fit the pedestrian INFINIPower if conditions mean the triples are too heavy or unwieldy for the job in hand.

Demonstrations have already been booked in by golf clubs, cricket and bowls clubs as well as private individuals by people attending the Harrogate show.  All we need now is for the weather to keep improving!


By , April 21, 2010 3:09 pm

The Grass Group has picked up the sole UK sales for Advanced Turf Technology’s TMSystem®.

The TMSystem® is the only complete modular fine turf management tool in the world today.  With eight individual cassettes, it is fully interchangeable between all main stream makes of triplex greens mowers and light weight fairway mowers.


John Coleman of ATT, in announcing the tie-up, said “I’m very pleased the product line has gone to Tim Merrell and his Grass Group.  We had discussions at BTME and I was impressed with his understanding of the market and his approach to business.”  Tim was equally as happy by saying, “The TMSystem® is a unique and an extremely well made UK product.”

The TMSystem® was previously sold in the UK under the TurfWorks® banner, with several systems in use across a number of Golf courses.  The Grass Group will also be the contact for spare parts and additional cassettes for those TurfWorks® badged units.

Voulez Vous Rota Dairon? Yes, says The Grass Group

By , March 29, 2010 3:49 pm

The Grass Group have been appointed by the French company RotaDairon as its sole UK importer.

The company’s portfolio encompasses soil renovators and stone buriers to prepare the ideal seed bed and create a fine soil surface.  Extra material, such as compost, fertiliser, sand, or fibres can be blended in, and seeding can also be accomplished with the addition of a seed box to the machine.  The rolling capacity completes the ‘one pass’ capability.

 RotaDairons’ turf seeding and turf care machines are the most comprehensive seeding and grass renovation products on the market – for not only primary seeding (construction), but also over-seeding, slit seeding, scarifying and de-thatching.  Versions are available as pushed or pulled handy seeders, as well as self-propelled seeders or 3 point hitch seeders for tractors.  Drop seeding is catered for in compact forms, and for wider applications a pneumatic air seeder completes the line up. 

 Tim Merrell, The Grass Group’s MD, is particularly pleased with the appointment as he started his career in France, “My early days as an Agronomist were spent on a farm in France where I first came across RotaDairon.  Their range of products fit very nicely within our existing portfolio and helps us to put together a complete range of equipments for the Turf Care professional.”

 RotaDairon’s products find applications in almost every turf care situation, including local authorities, landscapers, turf producers, sports grounds, golf courses and research centres.

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