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Golf Industry Show 2016 – San Diego

By , February 23, 2016 10:44 am

This year saw the 2016 annual Golf Industry Show being hosted in the wonderful city of San Diego. Unlike last year’s freeze in Texas, we were blessed with gorgeous Californian sunshine…! Despite the incredible weather we still experienced a good, productive and busy show. The attendance figures that have been released show just how important this show is.

We were supporting our suppliers Progressive and Advanced Turf Technology. Progressive had a Proflex 120b painted in the new industry green on their stand as well as their remote controlled Slope-Pro mower. the ever popular Proflex was generating interest with its new colour and the economic advantages it boasts over other rough mowers.





As always, it was great to catch up with the Progressive team!



For the very first time Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) were exhibiting on their own stand with the full TMSystem range and the 22″ pedestrian INFiNiSystem. Luckily for Iain the puppy managed to refrain from chewing his passport and he was able to attend the show this year! We had a great time meeting existing customers and potential new ones.








Cub Cadet also had a 22″ INFiNiSystem on their stand as well as the ATT cutting units on their impressive robotic RG3 mower!












Overall it was a great show and the weather made it all the better. Shame we were welcomed back with snow last Monday at our head office!

Sustainability in Sport: BASIS

By , November 24, 2015 4:53 pm

On Thursday 19th November I made my way down to Lord’s Cricket Ground for the fifth annual British Association for Sustainable Sport, BASIS, conference. It was a very early start and I felt very “professional business woman” heading down to London on the commuter train!

It was a truly fascinating day finding out how various clubs and organisations/businesses have made the transition to become sustainable such as, Eight Ash Cricket club, Forest Green Rovers football club, and Lord’s Cricket club. The importance of going sustainable was really made clear when it was announced that 2015 was the hottest year on record.

The influence of sport and sporting stars on the attitudes of the general public cannot be ignored. The impact of sport on the public’s behaviour has been an interest of mine since studying a variant of this discussion at university. It is becoming clear that a bilateral approach is needed in order to bring the discussion of sustainability to the forefront. In the case of football, if the stadium were to become sustainable it could increase support but it could also educate. If people are exposed to sustainable practices on a regular basis, such as recycling, when attending the Stadium for example, these habits could then be replicated in the domestic dwelling. Another possibility is encouraging a sports player to promote sustainability, the issue is that the player may also move clubs, but they will still remain an idol. I believe a double ended approach could be the way forward to promote sustainability, not only in sport but generally. One quote stood out in particular, Dave Newport from Sustainable Sports in the US said, that if the environment was a bank we would have saved it by now.

The whole day made me conscious about my own efforts for sustainability but equally from those in a position of influential power. It made me realise how proud I am to promote an innovative product like the ATT INFiNiSystem. Its lithium battery not only releases no fumes, but it tackles health and safety issues by reducing noise and vibration and it is financially more viable than the standard engine pedestrian mowers.

The importance of sustainability is an issue that needs to be tackled now, for now, not just with future generations in mind. If we think about future generations we may have a tendency to delay appropriate and necessary actions.

I would like to thank BASIS for such an insightful day and look forward to attending next at the Olympic Park!



Saltex Round-Up

By , November 6, 2015 4:34 pm

Despite some reservations we made our way up to the Birmingham NEC to see the new indoor Saltex.

We arrived early on the Wednesday morning to support our suppliers, Advanced Turf Technology.

On the stand we had the 22″ and 30″ INFiNiSystems, with the battery option generating a lot of interest due to the no noise, no vibration, and no fumes benefits.


Throughout the day we saw a constant stream of people and we didn’t notice the day go by!

John Coleman, from ATT, paired up with Helen Taylor, Ecotricity Ambassador, and Matt Rainey, head groundsman at Forest Green Rovers for a presentation on the benefits of the 30″ ATT Battery powered INFiNiSystem. It was interesting to see how the INFiNiSystem was helping Forest Green Rovers on its journey to being the greenest football club.

In the evening we attended the IOG Saltex Awards dinner. The food was good and a great night was had by all. It was great to see the hard work being undertaken by groundsman being celebrated. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones!



We had another good day on the Thursday and we were pleasantly surprised by the new indoor format- shame the same can’t be said for the traffic on the way home!

SALTEX Stand Number F187 – Quality Cut and Massive Fuel Savings

By , October 16, 2015 2:32 pm

Following on in the footsteps of his smaller brothers 22″ and 26″, the 30″ has been adapted for the need to “sports turf”. It brings “fine turf quality” by providing an exceedingly good quality of cut and performance for sports facilities.

The INFiNiSystem 30″ has a floating head design that sees the cutting unit independent of the traction unit. Therefore, the weight is spread across the mowing making end of line turning easier and decreasing overall ground pressure all without affecting striping. Regardless of the amount of grass in the bucket, the HOC remains consistent as the weight is transferred to the traction. The bedknife BCD and attitude angle can be set for an unsurpassed level of cut quality – whilst the programmable variable clip rate allows control of the various range of different SMART cassettes.


It provides much more functionality than any other 30″ wide pitch mower. Through the SMART cassette range, the INFiNiSystem allows the Groundsman to calibrate the machine exactly how they deem suitable for their particular situation. Its flexibility extends past cassettes as it has the ability to be powered both by hybrid or pure battery. By working solely as a battery it helps reduce noise pollution by being lower than any noise regulation legislative limits. It also aids with Hand-Arm vibration, a condition which once diagnosed cannot be cured but only alleviated. The annual fuel bill is where the 30″ INFiNiSystem really comes into its own. An entire football pitch can be mowed with dual DCLA batteries or a single LiPo battery costing no more than 50p. This also reduces the need to travel to collect fuel.

This machine is truly “Plug-and-Play” – charged over night and used in the morning!

With this many advantages, why not visit us on stand F187 at Saltex and see why you should Upgrade to ATT.

Want well-groomed greens and also to save on topdressing material?

By , April 20, 2015 10:25 am

Well-groomed greens are on every greenkeeper’s wish list, providing the optimum playing surface for an increasingly discerning membership while promoting robust, healthy turf.









The Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) TM SystemTM ‘Ultragroomer’ can provide exceptional results on high density fine turf grasses such as creeping bents, suggests ATT’s John Coleman.  “Bents are desirable for their tighter density which gives an excellent playing surface, but the downside is that this inevitably means increased production of organic material.”


Traditionally, verticutting has been the solution to remove organic debris, but John suggests that the 10mm spacing of a verticut reel is more suited for older; less dense grasses and that developments to specialist golf green cultivars have outpaced traditional maintenance machine technology. The situation is exacerbated by lower heights of cut which can further increase density. Verticutting, John points out, is best suited to removing the build up of organic matter rather than preventing it, and the sward can soon get tight and puffy, leading to thatch development. It is during this ‘puffy’ phase that the green surface ‘footprints’. Cutting at low heights of cut when greens are in this state will also result in scalping, further stressing the plant. “The sward is also subjected to considerable stress by aggressive verticutting, which can weaken it. After a week or so it comes back and is fine for another week, but then you have to start the whole process again. It is hard to provide a consistent playing surface under those circumstances,” he says.


Treatment with the Ultragroomer every week to 10 days minimises the phased management effect, using thin tipped blades at 5mm spacings. “More blade surface area is in contact with the turf, and it is working at a shallower depth, so stress on the plant is reduced,” John explains. “It can prevent excessive organic material developing, making for a more consistent green over the course of the season.” There are other benefits too – it can be difficult to get sand dressings into the tight sward of bent, but the Ultragroomer makes ‘space’ for the sand, which John suggests should be applied in a light dusting after grooming and before a pass with a vibratory roller, also available as part of the ATT TM SystemTM. Anecdotally this means with a regular Ultragroomer regime you can actually save on the amount of topdressing material needed on the course due to the reduction in build-up of organic material with Ultragrooming.


Poa annua is a major headache for greenkeepers, who maintain bent grass swards, and the Ultragroomer helps to control it by grabbing and pulling out the seedheads, minimising seeding. It can also take out Poa plants by their shallow roots, while leaving the finer rooted Bents intact. “Integration of Poa into creeping bents can be significantly limited with the Ultragroomer,” comments John. “It also works well in the management of bents themselves – while Gibberelic acid inhibitor growth regulators are useful to encourage lateral growth, they can lead to too much density, so the Ultragroomer can be employed alongside them to manipulate density to the required degree. It is more effective than verticutting for this purpose.


”Greenkeepers can also use the Ultragroomer to control grain, either on sloping greens or where shade encourages the grasses to grow in the direction of the light.“We have several customers who work at a slower forward speed and push against the direction of growth before travelling around the green to keep on top of grain, and it is very effective,” John says. He warns that the Ultragroomer must be well maintained to give the best possible results. “If the blades have rounded tips they risk bruising the plant, leading to disease ingress, so they do need replacing every couple of seasons.”




John Coleman adds that the Ultragroomer is a key part of a complete regime of good surface management.  “Keep on top of nutrition and growth regulators, plus regular use of the UItragroomer for the best possible results on bents,” he says


Desso or semi artificial pitch, ATT can give you the quality finish you need

By , October 22, 2014 8:43 am

If your stadium pitch or your training facility is constructed as a DESSO GrassMaster® Hybrid system then you’ll want to ensure that you benefit fully from the advantages that this unique product can offer.  It is vitally important that the 20 million or so synthetic fibres woven in to the natural turf are not damaged or displaced through the routine maintenance that is still required to produce a healthy sward.  Cutting is of course the most routinely performed task that is in direct contact with the pitch surface and therefore this is an obvious area to make sure that the best equipment for the job is being used.






The ATT product range available from The Grass Group is particularly suited to maintaining a DESSO GrassMaster® Hybrid system.  The accuracy and cleanliness of cut of the ATT SMARTCutTM cassette coupled with the ability to manipulate bedknife attitude angles to optimise the cut profile have consistently outperformed other manufacturers units when used on this type of surface.  The TMSystemTM can be fitted to several variants of manufacturer’s equipment.  The ATT INFiNiPowerTM available in 22” and 26”  has a cutting unit that is independent of the traction drive and so ground pressure is minimal when compared to other manufacturers product.  This reduced weight transfer is hugely beneficial in maintaining the synthetic fibres above the soil surface profile and not “pressing” them in to the rootzone; which nullifies many of the advantages the DESSO system confers. The INFiNiPowerTM can also be driven either fully electrically via a battery module or hybrid electric via an engine generator configuration.


Product Demonstration Day

By , August 21, 2014 3:20 pm

Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester played host yesterday to The Grass Group and our dealer Ernest Doe for a product demonstration day. A full day of demonstration and product information was planned that covered ATT, Trilo & Progressive equipment. Grass Group staff, Peter van Mispelaar from Trilo and John Coleman from ATT were in attendance to demonstrate, discuss and answer any questions from the Ernest Doe staff. The day started with a welcome and Introduction from The Grass Group’s General Manager Jeremy and Eddie Jack of Ernest Doe and then followed with the twenty five attendees splitting into three groups to view and try all the machinery in turn.











The ATT machinery was setup on the practice putting green with both the ATT INFiNipower trailer and also a greens triple with TM System chassis and cassettes. ATT’s John Coleman had traveled down especially for the day to share his insights and run everybody through the system including practical hands-on working which gave everybody the opportunity to get some further practical experience.








In a separate grassland area of the resort Trilo machinery was set up with an array of vacuum sweepers, blowers and scarifiers to give a taste of the full Trilo range. Having flown over from Holland for the day Peter van Mispelaar ran everyone through the equipment as well as mentioning the new S Line range which is being debuted at the years Saltex in a couple of weeks.











The Progressive machinery was set up in a hilly area alongside the football pitches to test the contour following ability of the Proflex 120 as well the fine finishing ability of the TDR range on the football pitches with our own Jeremy Vincent at the helm discussing and setting off the test drives. With lunch in the resorts brassiere and further demonstrations in the afternoon then culminating with a question and answer session back in the conference room the day finished with the Ernest Doe staff being loaded down with new marketing material and brochures to take away as well as the occasional Grass Group cap and mug!



Advanced Turf Technology – Unplugged In Sheffield

By , June 27, 2014 8:17 am

The Grass Group and ATT are featured in a new article posted online today by the Guys at featuring the history of ATT and the new developments in turf care that the revolutionary INFiNiSystem™ and TMSystem™ have both made to the turf care industry.


For the full article please click here

ATT on the road in the USA

By , June 26, 2014 9:05 am

John Coleman of ATT has just returned from a very successful week on the road demonstrating the Infinipower and TM system across the pond in the USA. With visits to several of the key, major golf courses on both the east and the west coasts it has been a very successful trip with a return journey planned already. Bud Muser, Superintendant at the Black Diamond Ranch, Lecanto, Florida who has had a demonstration of the Infinipower and cassette units said “the groomer is working great with the Honda power plant, I’m very impressed with it”.







With more trips worldwide upcoming for ATT and the team at The Grass Group this is shaping up to be a very busy and successful year.

The Grass Group news so far in 2014

By , April 8, 2014 10:12 am

It’s been a long and tiring yet productive few months for Tim Merrell and The Grass Group. We kicked off the year with the launch of the new 26” INFiNiPower Mower at the BTME 2014 show in Harrogate in January. In February Tim went to the Golf Industry Show in Orlando supported by John Coleman of ATT and our Tines manufacturers CTI. That then led on to demos in Scotland and another demo day in Germany. Tim and John barely set foot on UK soil then flew straight across to China in March to attend the Beijing Golf Show. Tim and John spent an exhausting few days exhibiting on the stand with John Deere dealer Greenman and training the sales people on the ATT TM and INFiNiSystem, fitting in some time to try a few of the local Chinese delicacies….Next on the agenda at the end of March was a visit to the Trilo factory in Holland. This time Jeremy Vincent our General Manager went with Tim. They were discussing the exciting new Trilo products that will soon be coming to market.

Finally in April Tim went on to France for more ATT demos and also to pay a visit to the Rotadairon factory to see the new pedestrian seeder which will soon be available from the Grass Group.

Tim is off for a well-earned rest now……


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