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RotaDairon Stony®

By , October 26, 2017 3:29 pm

The compact soil renovator for 12 to 25 HP Tractors.

The Dairon Company has developed a range of machines suitable for the smallest tractors of the market and named: Stony®

The Stony® have been designed to perform the same work as their big brothers of the RD range:
• Highest quality cultivation and mixing
• Burying of stones, debris, grass
• Grading with adjustable grader blade
• Rolling
• Seeding with the Seedy (seeder adaptable on
the Stony 75 NIV) or with the SM 90 (seeder
adaptable on the Stony 90 NIV)

Here’s some of the technical spec:

Soil Renovator Stony 75 NIV Stony 90 NIV
Working Width (mm) 750 900
Overall Width (mm) 1250 1350
Work Depth (mm) 140 140
Rotor Outside Diameter 400 400
Number of Blades 16 20
Number of Grate Fingers 24 31
Required Power (HP) 12 to 18 18 to 25
PTO Rotation Speed (RPM) 540 540
Weight (KG) 270 295


Got a requirement and interested in finding out more about one of the machines from the RD range of Stone Buriers? Email:

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RotaDairon RX Stone Buriers

By , October 20, 2017 9:24 am


Stones, clods, grass and debris present major problems when constructing or renovating sports fields and recreation areas or preparing ground for turf production. Quality and safety of all sports surfaces from golf fairways to sports fields are affected by surface stones. Germination rates and levelness of ground are also affected by clods and organic trash. The Dairon Company, in association with members of the golf and turf industry, has developed a wide range of machines which bury all debris to leave a surface free of stones, clods, and trash:

SINGLE DRIVE : RX 130 & RX 180
DOUBLE DRIVE : RX 220 – RX 250 – RX 300

The roller frame supports the rotor by means of two depth control screw jacks. The reverse rotation rotor is equipped with special non panning blades which throw all the soil and stones against the selection grate. The stones, clods and debris land at the bottom grate of the cultivated dept to be covered with a blanket of fine soil 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) deep. The finishing roller packs and levels the soil surface ready for perfect seeding or sodding.

Soil Renovator RX130 RX180 RX200 RX220 RX250 RX300 RX370 RX370 2200
Working Width (mm) 1300 1800 2042 2200 2500 3000 3700 3700
L  (Length) 1798 1925 2109 2150 2150 2150 2150 2020
l (width) 1917 2405 2814 3000 3345 3890 4511 4618
H (height) 1215 1215 1306 1340 1340 1340 1340 1340
Adjustable Work Depth 200 200 200 220 220 220 220 220
Rotor Outside Diameter 520 520 630 630 630 630 630 630
Number of Blades 42 54 60 66 72 90 108 108
Number of Grate Fingers 44 61 67 74 80 101 121 121
Required Power (HP) 48 to 70 65 to 95 80 to 100 90 to 110 110 to 150 110 to 160 130 to 180 180 to 250
PTO Rotation Speed (RPM) 540 540 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 750
Weight Mesh Roller (KG) 800 935 1622 1814 1934 2192 2499 none
Weight Packer Roller (KG) 1020 1235 none 2108 2280 2588 2978 none
Weight Pneumatic Roller (KG) none none none 1995 2138 2431 2779 2800
Safety Friction-type torque limiter simple oil-bath torque limiter double oil-bath torque limiter

Got a requirement and interested in finding out more about one of the machines from the RX range of Stone Buriers? Email:

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RotaDairon RD Stone Buriers

By , October 16, 2017 3:23 pm


One of the main problems encountered when creating or renovating amenity areas (parks, private gardens and estates) and sports fields (football pitches, golf courses) is fine cultivation of top soil before seeding.

That is why The DAIRON Company, already world renowned for its heavy duty Soil Renovators have developed a range of compact ROTADAIRON soil renovators for all purposes: cultivation – levelling – burying of stones, clods and overgrowth, grass and debris – rolling.

Here’s some of the technical spec:

Soil Renovator RD100 RD130 RD145 RD150 RD180 RD200 RD250
Working Width (mm) 1000 1300 1500 1500 1800 2000 2500
Overall Length (mm) 1300 1600 1800 1800 2100 2300 3100
Adjustable Work Depth 140 140 140 160 160 160 160
Rotor Outside Diameter 400 400 400 480 480 480 480
Number of Blades 36 42 48 48 54 60 72
Number of Grate Fingers 36 43 49 49 58 66 82
Required Power (HP) 18 to 35 25 to 45 30 to 50 45 to 60 50 to 70 55 to 80 70 to 90
PTO Rotation Speed (RPM) 540 540 540 540 540 540 540
Weight Mesh Roller (KG) 345 450 520 600 670 720 1100
Weight Packer Roller 425 560 670 750 850 920 1350

Each machine has 3-Point Hitch Categories 1 + 2 RD100, 130 and 145 have Chain Hydraulic Torque and RD150, 180, 200 and 250 have Chain Dry Clutch.

Got a requirement and interested in finding out more about one of the machines from the RD range of Stone Buriers? Email:

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Call us now on 01638 720123


Cricket Renovation

By , August 17, 2015 9:07 am

As we near the end of the cricket season it is important to look forward to cricket pitch renovation. It is necessary to perform such a task very shortly after the last match so as to prevent the square from looking too sparse and to allow optimum regrowth before the next season.

Here at The Grass Group we have compiled some suggestions for renovating your pitch.


If you are looking for a complete renovation fraise mowing may be necessary.

The GKB Combinator is an apt machine for such a task, removing the top layer of grass and thatch accumulation.

For a slightly lighter approach, you can use the tractor drawn ED130 which uses its brush to collect as it scarifies. Alternatively, aggressively brushing the pitch to remove soil and debris can begin the process of renovation.



Aerification of the soil in a linear vertical, horizontal and diagonal fashion is optimal. Lots of smaller little holes tend to provide the best results. It may be necessary to flood the pitch several times in order for the ground to be soft enough for a sarel spiked roller. Our ATT TMSystem range has a sarel spiked roller perfect for the job at hand! If you use a different type of aerator, CTI tines could be complementary.


Next comes the OverSeeder. The small holes made during aerification have prepared the soil for the even deep spreading of the seed.

If there are particular areas that have been affected then applying a light coating of loam would be beneficial. OverSeeding can be done on a larger scale using the RGD140 or on a   smaller scale with the Seed Car.



As always, there are many different ways to renovate a cricket pitch and it is dependent on your preferences, pitch and weather conditions.

The Grass Group news so far in 2014

By , April 8, 2014 10:12 am

It’s been a long and tiring yet productive few months for Tim Merrell and The Grass Group. We kicked off the year with the launch of the new 26” INFiNiPower Mower at the BTME 2014 show in Harrogate in January. In February Tim went to the Golf Industry Show in Orlando supported by John Coleman of ATT and our Tines manufacturers CTI. That then led on to demos in Scotland and another demo day in Germany. Tim and John barely set foot on UK soil then flew straight across to China in March to attend the Beijing Golf Show. Tim and John spent an exhausting few days exhibiting on the stand with John Deere dealer Greenman and training the sales people on the ATT TM and INFiNiSystem, fitting in some time to try a few of the local Chinese delicacies….Next on the agenda at the end of March was a visit to the Trilo factory in Holland. This time Jeremy Vincent our General Manager went with Tim. They were discussing the exciting new Trilo products that will soon be coming to market.

Finally in April Tim went on to France for more ATT demos and also to pay a visit to the Rotadairon factory to see the new pedestrian seeder which will soon be available from the Grass Group.

Tim is off for a well-earned rest now……


Grass Group Launch New ATT Product at BTME 2014…..

By , January 10, 2014 11:45 am

BTME 2013 StandWith less than 2 weeks to go till the show, everyone at The Grass Group is busy getting things ready for BTME 2014.

We’ve just checked out the long range weather forecast and as usual cold weather predicted at the moment.
We will be in our usual location at the front of the hall (A35) with a newly redesigned stand.
Our stand will be displaying a range of our existing products from Trilo, Progressive, Rotadairon and ATT, but this year a new product will be launched from ATT.
Come to the stand for a closer look and we look forward to seeing you there.

Off we go to Ireland!

By , April 29, 2013 8:57 pm

Monday starts off with a trip to see our dealer in Lisburn (Johnston Gilpin) travelling on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin this had to be one of the roughest crossings I have had, next day we go off to see the local authority in Derry showing them the RGD140 seeder which they loved for its quality of build,  accurate seed metering system and ease of use not to mention  competitive price tag, we also showed them the new INFiNiPower™ Hybrid system which they also loved for its Green footprint, its flexibility and range of cassettes, also it impressed them with the speed of change from Battery to Engine/Generator set and the full range of cassettes to carry out a multitude of tasks on their Bowling Greens.

Next day was a trip over to Greenmount College where we showed a group of 4th year students the INFiNiPower™ and let them have a play with the Battery and engine/genset versions which went very well indeed we used the Ultragroomer (set at level) and no-one could believe what was going into the grass box and the excellent finish it was leaving, most commented that you could not even see where it had been.

Next Day we go off to Rosapenna Golf Club whereby we had 9 other golf course managers come along and take a look at the INFiNiPower™ again with a full range of cassettes we mainly showed the battery version which will cover 7/8 greens depending on the type of work carried out, we took along some special Ultra Groomers for Paul the Course Manager as he came to see us at Harrogate in January and asked if he could have a special set with wider spacing for his greens as it was a very open Links course, Soup and sandwiches was our lunch treat and excellent it was too…

Later that day we took the INFiNiPower™ to Castlered City council to their bowling greens and watched them all wonder with open mouths at the silent grooming and Vibing we did on the green to smooth them.

Then it was time for the hotel, more wonderful Guinness and home early the next morning…

– Jon



Dairon Demos

By , March 14, 2011 4:46 pm

Dairon’s RGD140 is out and about showing that simplicity can be a route to success.

The RGD140 is a product created to meet UK requests for a clean finish overseeder which is compact and simple.  It was Les Howkins, Master Greenkeeper, of Richmond Golf Club that worked with Michel Dairon in fine tuning the machine.

As a machine that is suited to a compact tractor it is readily manoeuvrable around the greens and tees. 

The razor sharp discs insure excellent penetration and their depth are set using the stainless steel front roller.  There are additional removable weights on the disc frame to allow the greenkeeper further adjustment if conditions are unexpectedly tough. 

The seeder is a modular unit used across the whole Dairon range and has an infinitely graduated metering mechanism which is very precise and yet is easy to set.  The seed flows down angled shoots to the foot of the especially designed share or foot which opens the pre cut slot dropping the seed neatly in the groove before it naturally closes and is then rolled closed by the soft rear tyres.  There is almost no seed outside the groove.  The result is seed placed precisely where you want with minimal surface disturbance.

BTME 2011

By , January 25, 2011 9:01 am

Well what a surprise!  We went wondering if anyone would actually turn up with all the doom and gloom.  We took advice from Tony and Fiona at Pan Publicity and moved to the main entrance and changed our stand layout.  We brought our new products from ATT, the SMARTCut and INFINIPower and our new RGD140 disc seeder and ED130TS scarfier collector from Dairon and waited with baited breath…

 It worked fantastically!  The stand design and layout in front of the only doorway meant everybody saw us and we were showered with compliments.  We needn’t have worried about attendance because it was a better attended show than the previous year and “the big boys” weren’t there.   Late morning Wednesday they were still in two queues going out the door trying to get in!

The SMARTCut and INFINIPower caused real interest and the greenkeepers quickly grasped the flexibility, efficiency and simplicity of combining the two with the existing TM System and the only problem we had was convincing that we were being serious with our low prices!

 The weather we have been having has generated serious problems with winter grass die back so our Dairon demonstration scarifier collector and disc overseeder have been booked up with golf courses wanting to be on top of things in the Spring.

We will no doubt still climb all the hurdles and jump through all the hoops with our greenkeepers in order to help to ensure we get real orders and that our mutual goals are not stifled by over cautious committees  but we have plenty to go at!

The future, and the attempts to turn two or more annual shows into one central indoor and outdoor event still seem to elude the industry which is a great pity because I believe that it ought to be in every bodies long term interest to achieve it.  I am sure it will need a lot more talking before we get any where close.  In the meantime I believe BIGGA can rightly claim that the 2011 show was a great success.

Voulez Vous Rota Dairon? Yes, says The Grass Group

By , March 29, 2010 3:49 pm

The Grass Group have been appointed by the French company RotaDairon as its sole UK importer.

The company’s portfolio encompasses soil renovators and stone buriers to prepare the ideal seed bed and create a fine soil surface.  Extra material, such as compost, fertiliser, sand, or fibres can be blended in, and seeding can also be accomplished with the addition of a seed box to the machine.  The rolling capacity completes the ‘one pass’ capability.

 RotaDairons’ turf seeding and turf care machines are the most comprehensive seeding and grass renovation products on the market – for not only primary seeding (construction), but also over-seeding, slit seeding, scarifying and de-thatching.  Versions are available as pushed or pulled handy seeders, as well as self-propelled seeders or 3 point hitch seeders for tractors.  Drop seeding is catered for in compact forms, and for wider applications a pneumatic air seeder completes the line up. 

 Tim Merrell, The Grass Group’s MD, is particularly pleased with the appointment as he started his career in France, “My early days as an Agronomist were spent on a farm in France where I first came across RotaDairon.  Their range of products fit very nicely within our existing portfolio and helps us to put together a complete range of equipments for the Turf Care professional.”

 RotaDairon’s products find applications in almost every turf care situation, including local authorities, landscapers, turf producers, sports grounds, golf courses and research centres.

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