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Post match Overseeding

By , December 12, 2014 1:35 pm

A vital part of the recovery process after every match as well as divot collection is of course overseeding. Obviously as part of the repair process after two teams have spent the match charging up and down the pitch making divots and stressing the turf you want to use the best machine for the job to do this. In France at  Le Harve AC – who play in the French Ligue 1 they have employed an innovative solution, they use the RotaDairon Seedcar in front of the ATT 26” INFiNipower as soon as the match has finished. Like the battery powered ATT machine virtually silent in operation the SeedCar can be straight out onto the pitch before the crowds have left causing the minimum of disruption but also quickly assisting with the repair and preparation of the pitch for the next match.














Available along with ATT exclusively in the UK from The Grass Group RotaDairon are one of the most trusted manufactures’ when it comes to producing high quality renovation and seeding machinery.

The Grass Group – website updated

By , October 24, 2014 10:50 am

The Grass Group website has recently been updated to include our new range of machinery that we offer from GKB Machinery as well as the new S Line range from Trilo. The site has also been restyled to include several new sections including Pitch Care, Landscape & Amenities and also a new section for Artificial Turf.









We have also added a new All Brands tab through which you can search by manufacturer:  Trilo, RotaDairon, ATT, Progressive and GKB Machinery.  As before the site is packed with information and specifications on all our products including dimensions, power requirements and product pictures and videos.

New!! New!! New!!

By , August 29, 2014 9:59 am

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to The Grass Group stand D70 at IOG SALTEX next week.








On the stand as well as Progressive machinery, INFiNipower, vacuum sweepers/collectors, scarifiers, blowers, top dressers, turf harvesters, stoneburiers and mowers we’ll have the brand new S-Line range from Trilo, the new Seed-Car from RotaDairon as well as a light fairway mower fitted with ATT chassis and cassettes system.











Plus, there’s another big announcement that we’ll be making……….

RD150 & SMC150 Wildflower Seeder

By , July 10, 2014 1:20 pm

Landscapers often extol the virtues of wild flower meadows in open spaces (edges of parks, golfcourses, roundabouts etc.) rather than just grass. The idea has gained momentum as it reduces maintenance because flowers don’t need to be cut every 2 weeks like grass does. To prepare a wildflower bed the chances are that you’re starting with rough ground and will therefore need to renovate the ground first with a stoneburier. Afterwards the grass and wildflower seeds will have to be mixed and then sown in the ground. The Rotadairon solution is to carry out the operation in one go.









Combining a Rotadairon stoneburier with a seeder allows, in one pass, the preparation of the rough ground together with the mixing and then sowing of the grass and wildflower seed.The Rotadairon range of ground renovation equipment grow from pedestrian machines up to large contractor machines of 2 metres wide. The RD150 model is a mid-range, general purpose, machine with a working width of 1.5 metres which can be fitted with an SMC150 seedbox, again a mid-range model from a wide family. The SMC150 has the option of a hopper divider so that you can mix your own percentages of grass/wildflower mix as you go. Alternatively you can do away with the hopper divider and use a pre mixed grass/wildflower mix. In conjunction with Nova Flore, wild flower specialists, the development of the SMC150 was designed to cope with the variable sizes of different species to enable larger areas to be sown mechanically whilst maintaining a consistent spread of varieties.


Pride of the fleet

By , July 2, 2014 11:41 am

The Grass Group vehicle fleet has had a bit of a makeover recently with our DAF lorry receiving a major overhaul. Undertaken by the specialist coachbuilders at Gazeley Coachbuilders who produce and build specialist vehicles from racehorse transporters through to bespoke motorsport trailers. Our delivery and demonstration vehicle is now equipped with a brand new floor, ramps, under body lockers and a gleaming white re-spray.












The lorry is fully updated, ready to go and even includes a brand new set of air horns!

Peter from our workshop team has even said that he will treat the cab to new air freshener next time he’s out in the lorry! Lined up here in our picture along with our product support vehicles, the lorry looks like a brand new vehicle and will be giving continued great service delivering ATT, Trilo, RotaDairon and Progressive machines for many years to come.


RotaDairon RGD140 Overseeder

By , June 30, 2014 1:35 pm

With demand for golf year-round and ever higher expectations from members, improving greens is an ongoing task for Greenkeepers. The Grass Group’s Jon Proffitt explains that some clubs are not only overseeding twice a year to take advantage of the best grass growing conditions, but also like to keep on top of turf cover on a more regular basis.









“Hadley Wood Golf Club near Enfield, Middlesex, has had a lot of success with the Rotadairon RGD 140 overseeder, and Head Greenkeeper Simon Grand uses a rolling programme of overseeding, treating any greens that need it,” he explains.The RGD 140 is used in a cross hatch pattern, with the second pass at 30 degrees to the first, and Simon has reported strong growth after just 10 days, with the first seedlings emerging in less than a week. Hadley Wood is seeking to increase the proportion of bents in its greens, to give a hard wearing playing surface with reduced maintenance requirements. The downside, Jon points out, is that Velvet Bent is a very expensive seed, so wastage must be avoided at all costs.“Fortunately, the RGD 140 has an exceptionally accurate metering system, so Greenkeepers can calculate sowing rates very precisely,” he explains. “Using a dial on the side of the hopper, the correct position is selected for this very fine seed, applying exactly 3kg per green. It’s really easy to use.”At 1.4m wide, it has the capacity to be productive on pitches while being compact enough to work on smaller greens. “It’s such a simple machine to use – once the operator knows the required depth and seed rate, he can set it up in a matter of minutes. Overseeding is an easy and cost effective way of improving turf, and with the right machinery it can fit into the regular maintenance regime for best results.”


New RotaDairon Seed-Car

By , June 26, 2014 3:33 pm

Extending the already comprehensive RotaDairon range and available now exclusively from The Grass Group is the RotaDairon Seed-Car. This compact pedestrian propelled seeder is perfect for small spaces with a compact working width of 700mm and a 55ltr capacity.









Designed for use by landscapers, turf professionals, the hire industry and also at any location with access restrictions the Seed-Car has a height adjustable handlebar with hand controls for seed distribution as well visual manual adjustment on the seed hopper to regulate flow.

With recent testing and demonstration of this new product undertaken at the RotaDairon headquarters near the world famous Le-Mans racing circuit this compact and excellent value seeder is a versatile and compact machine that can give you the advantage and ease of use when preparing and seeding a smaller area.

  • Manual operation for prepared ground
  • Compact 700mm width, large 55ltr capacity
  • Handlebar adjustment for seed distribution
  • Perfect for small spaces and restricted access
  • Stainless steel rear roller can be weighted
  • Portable and cost effective
  • Video of the machine in action

Summer Scarifying

By , June 13, 2014 10:27 am

The importance of scarifying during the summer is vital for the health of your grass. If you keep the plant in good health and take the dead material out by scarifying the water and fertiliser will get to where you want it to therefore improving the condition of your playing surface.

The removal of thatch also ensures air gets into the sward, enhancing the plants natural defenses against disease. The Rotadairon ED130 TS de-thatcher that can work to a depth of 60mm, or a machine such as the Trilo VCU scarifier can rapidly clear out dead material. Some fairways can produce as much as 20cu.m of dead material so a scarifier collector from the Trilo range might be the answer.

The Grass Group news so far in 2014

By , April 8, 2014 10:12 am

It’s been a long and tiring yet productive few months for Tim Merrell and The Grass Group. We kicked off the year with the launch of the new 26” INFiNiPower Mower at the BTME 2014 show in Harrogate in January. In February Tim went to the Golf Industry Show in Orlando supported by John Coleman of ATT and our Tines manufacturers CTI. That then led on to demos in Scotland and another demo day in Germany. Tim and John barely set foot on UK soil then flew straight across to China in March to attend the Beijing Golf Show. Tim and John spent an exhausting few days exhibiting on the stand with John Deere dealer Greenman and training the sales people on the ATT TM and INFiNiSystem, fitting in some time to try a few of the local Chinese delicacies….Next on the agenda at the end of March was a visit to the Trilo factory in Holland. This time Jeremy Vincent our General Manager went with Tim. They were discussing the exciting new Trilo products that will soon be coming to market.

Finally in April Tim went on to France for more ATT demos and also to pay a visit to the Rotadairon factory to see the new pedestrian seeder which will soon be available from the Grass Group.

Tim is off for a well-earned rest now……


Grass Group Launch New ATT Product at BTME 2014…..

By , January 10, 2014 11:45 am

BTME 2013 StandWith less than 2 weeks to go till the show, everyone at The Grass Group is busy getting things ready for BTME 2014.

We’ve just checked out the long range weather forecast and as usual cold weather predicted at the moment.
We will be in our usual location at the front of the hall (A35) with a newly redesigned stand.
Our stand will be displaying a range of our existing products from Trilo, Progressive, Rotadairon and ATT, but this year a new product will be launched from ATT.
Come to the stand for a closer look and we look forward to seeing you there.

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