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Springtime Scarification

By , March 14, 2016 10:07 am

Coming out of this year’s long wet winter, there is now an ideal window of opportunity to boost turf health once growth gets underway this year. Well timed scarification can encourage healthy growth, tackle disease and make the turf less susceptible to attack by pests. Greenkeepers and groundsmen can also save on chemical and fertiliser costs through these practices.









By getting  into the turf with a scarifier in the spring and take out the dead areas and moss that has grown, the fresh cleaned-up  turf will then make overseeding more effective, and ensure that fertiliser and top dressing can get into the sward. New growth can then infill as the season progresses, making for a harder-wearing, more resilient sward. A clean sward makes the best use of nutrients, water and air throughout the growing season. Scarification can have a dramatic effect on turf at a key time of year as air gets into the plant, stimulating vigorous growth.” Thatch can also harbour pests such as wireworms and chafer grub eggs, whereas strong spring growth means they have nowhere to go so making best use of fertiliser, and minimising the need for pesticides not only helps cut costs, but is also better for the environment, Selecting the right machinery as always depends on the area to be treated and the amount of material to be removed. For greens and tees, light and compact machinery is needed to protect the fine turf. The ATT TMSystem offers the ideal opportunity to make the most of machinery – greenkeepers who have the cutting units can quickly and easily swap for a scarifying reel. The options range from the pedestrian INFiNisystem unit which is the ultimate lightweight turf maintenance unit, to cassettes for greens triples and fairway mowers.








Tractor mounted options for greens and tees include the Rotadairon ED130 dethatcher from the renowned range of maintenance equipment, which also offers the versatility of use as a spiker. The ED130 can work to 60mm deep, rapidly clearing out dead material into an optional collector.The industry is being encouraged to move away from quick fixes and expensive potentially damaging chemicals and make a return to good regular methods and clearing out the turf in the spring is an excellent example of this.


Soil renovation? Go for the original, go for RotaDairon!

By , February 26, 2016 3:33 pm

ROTADAIRON – The original reverse tillage system for soil renovation, soil cultivation, burying of stones & debris, fine surface preparation, levelling & rolling, and seeding – all in one pass, with one machine and one person!From its formation in 1958 the Dairon Company has long been the standard by which other machines are ranked.









With legendary reliability and hard wearing precision parts, RotaDairon machines give the owner peace of mind as well as a terrific finish. Within the full range available from The Grass Group that includes, Combi-Seeders, Stoneburiers, Dethatchers, Renovators and Overseeders there is something that is applicable for any job at any time of the season. Contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself why quality and value is always the best route to the best finish!


Why choose a RotaDairon Stone Burier / Soil Renovator for your budget?

By , February 4, 2016 4:07 pm

There are now many brands of stone burier machines available on the market today but the RotaDairon is the original reverse tillage machine specifically designed and constructed to tackle all types of soil and achieve a quality seedbed in one pass.The machine works in a reverse tillage operation, the stones, clods, old turf and debris are centrifugally separated out and thrown to the bottom of the soil profile. A screen at the back of the machine gradually releases the renovated material with the finest soil at the top, this then passes under the levelling bar, seeding unit (if attached) and mesh roller.Favoured by many golf course, turf growers and landscaping professionals these high quality, rugged machines cultivate and renovate the soil, burying stones and debris providing the perfect finish for quality grass seeding results.









Designed to minimise damage to soil structure and compaction problems these machines will truly achieve optimum seedbed conditions.RotaDairon machines are built to last with specially designed rotors, blades, heavy duty construction and legendary reliability. Precision seeder attachments also enable us to cultivate, stone bury, level, roll and seed in one pass. This translates into a more efficient and cost effective machine that will give years of reliable service. For further details about the range available, contact us.


Autumn – It’s not all doom and gloom!

By , August 26, 2015 9:04 am

We don’t know about you but this weather has got us all down in the dumps that summer could potentially be over and it will be another year before we can legitimately drink Pimms again!

However, it’s not all bad news. The much needed rain and warm temperatures means our grass is beginning to grow. This must mean the time to scarify is approaching – good riddance thatch!


Trilo’s C15 Scarifier collector is perfect for this job. Built to last due to its high quality – you know you can Trust Trilo. This multipurpose machine means you can not only scarify but prepare your turf for scarifying by cutting and collecting the grass first and finish by collecting any remaining debris. Why have several machines when you can have one?! Fitted to the heavy duty finely balanced rotor is 18 3mm wind paddles. In just one pass you will have an aerated well finished turf. One good quality machine leaving a good quality finish seems like a real no-brainer.





If collection during scarifying is important to you then look no further than the popular and versatile S3. With a 3 cubic metre capacity and a 5mm x 200m diameter wander hose you can collect to your hearts content.




If you’re looking for a non-hydraulic Scarifier our VCU 150 is your ideal machine. Able to handle thatch build-ups down to 40 mm with 5 toothed blades this machine offers optimal results. It is also perfect for fairways as you can turn and scarify with no tearing.


Cricket Renovation

By , August 17, 2015 9:07 am

As we near the end of the cricket season it is important to look forward to cricket pitch renovation. It is necessary to perform such a task very shortly after the last match so as to prevent the square from looking too sparse and to allow optimum regrowth before the next season.

Here at The Grass Group we have compiled some suggestions for renovating your pitch.


If you are looking for a complete renovation fraise mowing may be necessary.

The GKB Combinator is an apt machine for such a task, removing the top layer of grass and thatch accumulation.

For a slightly lighter approach, you can use the tractor drawn ED130 which uses its brush to collect as it scarifies. Alternatively, aggressively brushing the pitch to remove soil and debris can begin the process of renovation.



Aerification of the soil in a linear vertical, horizontal and diagonal fashion is optimal. Lots of smaller little holes tend to provide the best results. It may be necessary to flood the pitch several times in order for the ground to be soft enough for a sarel spiked roller. Our ATT TMSystem range has a sarel spiked roller perfect for the job at hand! If you use a different type of aerator, CTI tines could be complementary.


Next comes the OverSeeder. The small holes made during aerification have prepared the soil for the even deep spreading of the seed.

If there are particular areas that have been affected then applying a light coating of loam would be beneficial. OverSeeding can be done on a larger scale using the RGD140 or on a   smaller scale with the Seed Car.



As always, there are many different ways to renovate a cricket pitch and it is dependent on your preferences, pitch and weather conditions.

Summer Scarifying

By , June 13, 2014 10:27 am

The importance of scarifying during the summer is vital for the health of your grass. If you keep the plant in good health and take the dead material out by scarifying the water and fertiliser will get to where you want it to therefore improving the condition of your playing surface.

The removal of thatch also ensures air gets into the sward, enhancing the plants natural defenses against disease. The Rotadairon ED130 TS de-thatcher that can work to a depth of 60mm, or a machine such as the Trilo VCU scarifier can rapidly clear out dead material. Some fairways can produce as much as 20cu.m of dead material so a scarifier collector from the Trilo range might be the answer.

BTME Show Special on Trilo VCU Scarifiers!!!

By , January 14, 2014 5:14 pm

VCU 120 with undulation kit

Show special!!
One time offer for BTME 2014. All Trilo VCU orders placed and confirmed by the end of February 2014, will receive an undulation kit free of charge, worth over £500.00!!
Come to The Grass Group’s stand (A35) to see a range of Trilo machines on display.



By , August 9, 2011 9:10 am


Trilo have the answer for Greenkeepers who are wanting to scarify their fairways in anything other than straight lines!


The Trilo VCU scarifiers are a range of fixed rotor scarifiers three point linkage mounted from 1.2m up to 2.4m wide.  The VCU 1.5m machine can now be converted to be a trailed scarifier when required.


The advantage of being trailed is that it can be used on a small tractor as it only needs to run it and not lift it on the three point  linkage.  Being trailed the scarifier can then be turned when in use and therefore used to follow the curving edges to fairways. It does not tear or rip the grass when doing this as you can see from the pictures and the video.


As you can easily convert the VCU 1.5m it is an ideal machine for contractors who have to adapt from job to job to meet their clients’ requirements.  This new machine will be on our stand at SALTEX 2011.

ATT TMSystem is now available for Eclipse users.

By , July 20, 2011 9:05 am

ATT have been working hard to develop their cassette system over the last 12 months and the new SMARTCut cutting cassette is testament to that.  At the same time they are constantly reviewing developments from the big three and working to ensure that existing users are able to adapt or upgrade their TM System to fit the new greens and tees mowers.  ATT are now pleased to announce that it is now possible to fit the system to the Eclipse mowers, both the hybrid and the battery version.

As the pictures illustrate not only will all the existing cassettes fit but also it is possible to have SMARTCut units as well.  The advantage to the Eclipse user of using the SMARTCut is while there is no compromise in cut quality you benefit from having the rear roller power brush which takes it’s drive from the rear roller itself.  The significance of this is that it is not drawing power directly from the electric motor.  From our testing we have established, on a well adjusted cutting cylinder, a belt driven rear roller power brush can take as much as 50% of the total power requirement from the motor!!  Using the ATT System will therefore significantly reduce the load on the electric motor, less strain means a longer motor life, less power drawn means that either you can go further with your battery or less power having to be generated by the engine if you are using a hybrid. It is a win – win situation because on top of everything else the ATT System is not only efficient, multifunctional but is competitively priced too!!

RotaDairon ED130TS Scarifier collector, a sweeping success!

By , June 21, 2011 8:03 am

The RotaDairon ED130TS has been out and about on golf courses in the South of England and it has been well received!  In fact on several occasions it has been said that it was the best demonstration the greenkeepers had ever seen!! 

The scarifier blades which can either be standard or tungsten tipped are easily capable of scarifying to 25mm in depth.  The number and spacing of the blades can be easily changed using the magnetic locking mechanism with only one nut to be loosened and tightened to change the whole set. Nothing could be easier.  This means the machine is quickly adjusted to suit the conditions and the job in hand. The blades are of very high quality, matching the rest of the machine, and give a crisp clean cut


 Perhaps the most pleasing feature of the RotaDairon ED130TS as far as the greenkeepers are concerned is the cleanliness of its pick up. When purchasing a machine there are several options open to greenkeepers of scarifiers that will work deep and pull a lot of material out, Trilo offer the compact VCU120, but none sweep and  collect.  This means before The RotaDairon machine came along the scarification of the tees and greens, a simple straight forward job, was followed by the arduous clean up often involving blowers, brooms, and shovels.  Basically a lot of staff spending a lot of time to get the surface playable again. The ED130TS makes it a thing of the past.  As you can see from the photos the finish is clean and crisp, a true one pass operation. But don’t take our word for it, if you are in the market for a scarifier give us a call and the guys will be delighted to bring out the machine.  It sells itself!

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