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Soil renovation? Go for the original, go for RotaDairon!

By , February 26, 2016 3:33 pm

ROTADAIRON – The original reverse tillage system for soil renovation, soil cultivation, burying of stones & debris, fine surface preparation, levelling & rolling, and seeding – all in one pass, with one machine and one person!From its formation in 1958 the Dairon Company has long been the standard by which other machines are ranked.









With legendary reliability and hard wearing precision parts, RotaDairon machines give the owner peace of mind as well as a terrific finish. Within the full range available from The Grass Group that includes, Combi-Seeders, Stoneburiers, Dethatchers, Renovators and Overseeders there is something that is applicable for any job at any time of the season. Contact us for further information or to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself why quality and value is always the best route to the best finish!


Cricket Renovation

By , August 17, 2015 9:07 am

As we near the end of the cricket season it is important to look forward to cricket pitch renovation. It is necessary to perform such a task very shortly after the last match so as to prevent the square from looking too sparse and to allow optimum regrowth before the next season.

Here at The Grass Group we have compiled some suggestions for renovating your pitch.


If you are looking for a complete renovation fraise mowing may be necessary.

The GKB Combinator is an apt machine for such a task, removing the top layer of grass and thatch accumulation.

For a slightly lighter approach, you can use the tractor drawn ED130 which uses its brush to collect as it scarifies. Alternatively, aggressively brushing the pitch to remove soil and debris can begin the process of renovation.



Aerification of the soil in a linear vertical, horizontal and diagonal fashion is optimal. Lots of smaller little holes tend to provide the best results. It may be necessary to flood the pitch several times in order for the ground to be soft enough for a sarel spiked roller. Our ATT TMSystem range has a sarel spiked roller perfect for the job at hand! If you use a different type of aerator, CTI tines could be complementary.


Next comes the OverSeeder. The small holes made during aerification have prepared the soil for the even deep spreading of the seed.

If there are particular areas that have been affected then applying a light coating of loam would be beneficial. OverSeeding can be done on a larger scale using the RGD140 or on a   smaller scale with the Seed Car.



As always, there are many different ways to renovate a cricket pitch and it is dependent on your preferences, pitch and weather conditions.

Post match Overseeding

By , December 12, 2014 1:35 pm

A vital part of the recovery process after every match as well as divot collection is of course overseeding. Obviously as part of the repair process after two teams have spent the match charging up and down the pitch making divots and stressing the turf you want to use the best machine for the job to do this. In France at  Le Harve AC – who play in the French Ligue 1 they have employed an innovative solution, they use the RotaDairon Seedcar in front of the ATT 26” INFiNipower as soon as the match has finished. Like the battery powered ATT machine virtually silent in operation the SeedCar can be straight out onto the pitch before the crowds have left causing the minimum of disruption but also quickly assisting with the repair and preparation of the pitch for the next match.














Available along with ATT exclusively in the UK from The Grass Group RotaDairon are one of the most trusted manufactures’ when it comes to producing high quality renovation and seeding machinery.

The Grass Group at Saltex 2013.

By , September 19, 2013 1:50 pm

Having spent several days setting up our large exhibition stand, we waited with baited breath to see what Saltex 2013 would bring, we were not disappointed, as the show proved to be eventful and successful for The Grass Group.

The weather was fabulous and we had a steady stream of visitors to the stand. Our stand was a lot busier than last year and we saw some new and familiar faces.

We exhibited products from all of our ranges which include mowers, vacuums, scarifiers, stoneburiers, seeders , TM System and INFiNiSystem and our new Tines from CTI which will soon be available to buy in our online shop.

Saltex 2013 was a full team event and we had the support of our manufacturers to assist us on the stand including Peter van Mispelaar of Trilo, Bob and Ruth Merritt of CTI inc. , John Coleman of Advanced Turf Technology and Marc Denoueix of Rotadairon.

We took several very large orders on the stand and have some excellent leads to follow up.

M.D Tim Merrell was delighted with the outcome and we are all looking forward to Saltex 2014.


Off we go to Ireland!

By , April 29, 2013 8:57 pm

Monday starts off with a trip to see our dealer in Lisburn (Johnston Gilpin) travelling on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin this had to be one of the roughest crossings I have had, next day we go off to see the local authority in Derry showing them the RGD140 seeder which they loved for its quality of build,  accurate seed metering system and ease of use not to mention  competitive price tag, we also showed them the new INFiNiPower™ Hybrid system which they also loved for its Green footprint, its flexibility and range of cassettes, also it impressed them with the speed of change from Battery to Engine/Generator set and the full range of cassettes to carry out a multitude of tasks on their Bowling Greens.

Next day was a trip over to Greenmount College where we showed a group of 4th year students the INFiNiPower™ and let them have a play with the Battery and engine/genset versions which went very well indeed we used the Ultragroomer (set at level) and no-one could believe what was going into the grass box and the excellent finish it was leaving, most commented that you could not even see where it had been.

Next Day we go off to Rosapenna Golf Club whereby we had 9 other golf course managers come along and take a look at the INFiNiPower™ again with a full range of cassettes we mainly showed the battery version which will cover 7/8 greens depending on the type of work carried out, we took along some special Ultra Groomers for Paul the Course Manager as he came to see us at Harrogate in January and asked if he could have a special set with wider spacing for his greens as it was a very open Links course, Soup and sandwiches was our lunch treat and excellent it was too…

Later that day we took the INFiNiPower™ to Castlered City council to their bowling greens and watched them all wonder with open mouths at the silent grooming and Vibing we did on the green to smooth them.

Then it was time for the hotel, more wonderful Guinness and home early the next morning…

– Jon



New Pedestrian wild flower seeder from RotaDairon

By , April 18, 2012 3:01 pm

RotaDairon have just launched their new SD720 Self Propelled Seeder.   The Honda driven unit uses the modular seed box which has proven to be excellent for wild flower seeds as well as all types of grass seeds.  This is thanks to the soft splines on the seed distribution rotor ensuring the varied shaped and sized wild flower seeds are not damaged as they are metered through.

The metering is controlled by a single twist adjustment on the side of the stainless steel hopper.  The accuracy not only ensures that establishment is not hampered by crowding out due to overdosing but also means that the approved seed rates are achieved and valuable/expensive seed is not wasted! The adjustment knob usefully has a dial in it so that each seed mix only needs to be metered once and then when swapping you can reset the dial to the previous time you used that mix.

The RotaDairon SD720 has 4 forward gears and one reverse gear with a max ground speed of 3mph.  The handlebar is adjustable with 3 positions including one for transport.

For those not requiring the wild flower option a cheaper SD700 is also available.

VANMAC Field Day @ Van de Sluis Rollrasen, Luxembourg 8th October 2010

By , July 19, 2010 2:18 pm


We are delighted to extend an invitation to VANMACS TURF PRODUCERS DEMO day that will  be held at a field belonging to Van der Sluis Rollrasen in Limpach-Sanem in Luxemburg on Friday 8th October.

There will be a number of machine on show including the exciting  new TRILO rotary mower model MDR50, with a working width of 15 metres.

During the day there will  also be demonstrations of the TREBRO AUTO STACK, the TRILO SG1165 and SG670 vacuum sweepers, the KESMAC sod harvester model SH2200, the MAGNUM big roll harvester, the SCHWAB seedbed combination and the Schwab sod installers, the DAIRON seeders and DAIRONstone-buriers and the PROGRESSIVE rotary mower model TDR15.

This is a unique chance to see all these machines in action in the field.

Please click on the link below to go to the Vanmac Field Day home page, here you will find more detailed information about the day, products and address details. There is also detailed accommodation information.

Here you can also register your attendance to the event and see the exclusive preview video of the new MDR50 in action!


Welcome to The Grass Group news blog

By , March 26, 2010 3:05 pm

Welcome to The Grass Group news blog. We hope you find this section of the website of interest and remember to revisit frequently as we will be updating this section of our website on a regular basis with news stories, comments upon the industry, new products and technology, hints & tips and other ground care industry general information. If you have a story or comments you wish us to include please use the contact section of this website and we will review and post as appropriate.

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