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SALTEX Stand Number F187 – Quality Cut and Massive Fuel Savings

By , October 16, 2015 2:32 pm

Following on in the footsteps of his smaller brothers 22″ and 26″, the 30″ has been adapted for the need to “sports turf”. It brings “fine turf quality” by providing an exceedingly good quality of cut and performance for sports facilities.

The INFiNiSystem 30″ has a floating head design that sees the cutting unit independent of the traction unit. Therefore, the weight is spread across the mowing making end of line turning easier and decreasing overall ground pressure all without affecting striping. Regardless of the amount of grass in the bucket, the HOC remains consistent as the weight is transferred to the traction. The bedknife BCD and attitude angle can be set for an unsurpassed level of cut quality – whilst the programmable variable clip rate allows control of the various range of different SMART cassettes.


It provides much more functionality than any other 30″ wide pitch mower. Through the SMART cassette range, the INFiNiSystem allows the Groundsman to calibrate the machine exactly how they deem suitable for their particular situation. Its flexibility extends past cassettes as it has the ability to be powered both by hybrid or pure battery. By working solely as a battery it helps reduce noise pollution by being lower than any noise regulation legislative limits. It also aids with Hand-Arm vibration, a condition which once diagnosed cannot be cured but only alleviated. The annual fuel bill is where the 30″ INFiNiSystem really comes into its own. An entire football pitch can be mowed with dual DCLA batteries or a single LiPo battery costing no more than 50p. This also reduces the need to travel to collect fuel.

This machine is truly “Plug-and-Play” – charged over night and used in the morning!

With this many advantages, why not visit us on stand F187 at Saltex and see why you should Upgrade to ATT.

General over view of the Golf Show in Orlando 2011-02-18

By , February 18, 2011 12:13 pm


                         ATT Stand                                                                         Progressive Stand

Having had a good show in Harrogate I was looking forward to see how things were going to be in USA.  I travelled over with John Coleman from ATT on the Saturday in order to get a sensibly priced plane ticket. The down side of this was that on Sunday I had to sit in Hooters drinking beer watching the Super Bowl with some good turf producing customers of ours!

The show was in a smaller hall than the San Diego show and I understand this was due to the PGA having their own show.  I think there was also a general reduction in stand size by all the exhibitors.  Having said that it was still a big show!  Our European suppliers, Trilo and RotaDairon were present as well as ATT.  The show is an essential part of marketing for European companies wish to expand into the States, if you’re not there you are not taken seriously.  Progressive also had their own stand, as a Canadian company they are finding the high value of the Canadian dollar against the US Dollar a challenge.

The show had been shortened and was over two days and like Harrogate was well attended.  Once again education being a key part of greenkeepers presence with lectures continuing to the day beyond the show to ensure they remained focused on the job in hand!  The mood was good with a general feeling that they had “ reached the bottom” and that everybody was looking forward to an upturn.  I believe that most of the companies there were survivors who have  managed to remodel their businesses and would now be able to adapt to the future economic environment where ever it climbed back up to.  

Although the weather was disappointing doing its best to mess up an extra-curricular activities I had planned the days flew by and I was on the plane home before I knew it.  The jet lag is always a killer for me and this time was no exception but in spite of that and having struggled to justify the expense of going over it was time very well spent and worth every penny.

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