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Golf Industry Show 2016 – San Diego

By , February 23, 2016 10:44 am

This year saw the 2016 annual Golf Industry Show being hosted in the wonderful city of San Diego. Unlike last year’s freeze in Texas, we were blessed with gorgeous Californian sunshine…! Despite the incredible weather we still experienced a good, productive and busy show. The attendance figures that have been released show just how important this show is.

We were supporting our suppliers Progressive and Advanced Turf Technology. Progressive had a Proflex 120b painted in the new industry green on their stand as well as their remote controlled Slope-Pro mower. the ever popular Proflex was generating interest with its new colour and the economic advantages it boasts over other rough mowers.





As always, it was great to catch up with the Progressive team!



For the very first time Advanced Turf Technology (ATT) were exhibiting on their own stand with the full TMSystem range and the 22″ pedestrian INFiNiSystem. Luckily for Iain the puppy managed to refrain from chewing his passport and he was able to attend the show this year! We had a great time meeting existing customers and potential new ones.








Cub Cadet also had a 22″ INFiNiSystem on their stand as well as the ATT cutting units on their impressive robotic RG3 mower!












Overall it was a great show and the weather made it all the better. Shame we were welcomed back with snow last Monday at our head office!

Progressive Turf at the 2016 Golf Industry Show

By , February 10, 2016 10:48 am

At last year’s Golf Industry Show, Progressive Turf announced that the Pro-Flex 120B is now available in either traditional red or industry green. Judging by the response, the choice has been well received! The 2016 show is opens today and they invite you to come out and see what we have in store for 2016 and learn why the Pro-Flex has the economical advantage over a more expensive, self-contained rough mower. Brian and the team hope to see you at the San Diego Convention Centre Feb 10 and 11 at Booth 1421.


Saltex Round-Up

By , November 6, 2015 4:34 pm

Despite some reservations we made our way up to the Birmingham NEC to see the new indoor Saltex.

We arrived early on the Wednesday morning to support our suppliers, Advanced Turf Technology.

On the stand we had the 22″ and 30″ INFiNiSystems, with the battery option generating a lot of interest due to the no noise, no vibration, and no fumes benefits.


Throughout the day we saw a constant stream of people and we didn’t notice the day go by!

John Coleman, from ATT, paired up with Helen Taylor, Ecotricity Ambassador, and Matt Rainey, head groundsman at Forest Green Rovers for a presentation on the benefits of the 30″ ATT Battery powered INFiNiSystem. It was interesting to see how the INFiNiSystem was helping Forest Green Rovers on its journey to being the greenest football club.

In the evening we attended the IOG Saltex Awards dinner. The food was good and a great night was had by all. It was great to see the hard work being undertaken by groundsman being celebrated. It was an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones!



We had another good day on the Thursday and we were pleasantly surprised by the new indoor format- shame the same can’t be said for the traffic on the way home!

SALTEX Stand Number F187 – Quality Cut and Massive Fuel Savings

By , October 16, 2015 2:32 pm

Following on in the footsteps of his smaller brothers 22″ and 26″, the 30″ has been adapted for the need to “sports turf”. It brings “fine turf quality” by providing an exceedingly good quality of cut and performance for sports facilities.

The INFiNiSystem 30″ has a floating head design that sees the cutting unit independent of the traction unit. Therefore, the weight is spread across the mowing making end of line turning easier and decreasing overall ground pressure all without affecting striping. Regardless of the amount of grass in the bucket, the HOC remains consistent as the weight is transferred to the traction. The bedknife BCD and attitude angle can be set for an unsurpassed level of cut quality – whilst the programmable variable clip rate allows control of the various range of different SMART cassettes.


It provides much more functionality than any other 30″ wide pitch mower. Through the SMART cassette range, the INFiNiSystem allows the Groundsman to calibrate the machine exactly how they deem suitable for their particular situation. Its flexibility extends past cassettes as it has the ability to be powered both by hybrid or pure battery. By working solely as a battery it helps reduce noise pollution by being lower than any noise regulation legislative limits. It also aids with Hand-Arm vibration, a condition which once diagnosed cannot be cured but only alleviated. The annual fuel bill is where the 30″ INFiNiSystem really comes into its own. An entire football pitch can be mowed with dual DCLA batteries or a single LiPo battery costing no more than 50p. This also reduces the need to travel to collect fuel.

This machine is truly “Plug-and-Play” – charged over night and used in the morning!

With this many advantages, why not visit us on stand F187 at Saltex and see why you should Upgrade to ATT.

Hydraparts, ATT European Dealer of the year 2014

By , March 23, 2015 2:42 pm

Following on from Scottish dealer Thomas Sherriff being awarded the UK dealer of the year at this year’s BTME, our French dealer Hydraparts have been awarded the title of ATT European dealer of the year for 2014.

Located near Marseille in southern France, Hydraparts have been a long standing ATT dealer for The Grass Group and have delivered consistent high levels of customer service as well as displaying sales excellence across the whole ATT range.

Tim Merrell MD at The Grass Group said “ Francois and all the team at Hydraparts consistently delivery on their customer service promise and have also worked with us on many new projects during 2014 – their award is thoroughly deserved, congratulations to all the team.”



Lets get mowing!!!

By , February 11, 2015 4:26 pm

With the days slowly getting longer and the temperature climbing to cold rather than freezing the start of the mowing is just around the corner . The Progressive single and Tri-Deck Roller Mower range available from The Grass Group, is a popular choice of wide area mower with sports facilities, municipal grounds care, polo fields and golf courses. Because they don’t need a high speed P.T.O., it enables the mowing of a very large area with something as small as a 30hp compact. The simplicity of the design offers easy access for service and maintenance with parts such as “maintenance free” sealed spindles and sleeved bearings the lifetime servicing costs of the machine are greatly reduced. It’s also economical to maintain with no need for expensive cylinder regrinds. The low cost maintenance regime is highly significant to a groundsman who needs more time to mow and less time to maintain.






This versatile mower cuts as low as 13mm (½”) without scalping while it smooth’s the surface. It can also stripe for visual impact and speed re-growth by promoting root-to-soil contact for divot repair. The superior quality cut comes from high lift blades that creates enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean even cut and disperse the clippings evenly over the rollers. Rear rollers also provide extra protection for safe discharge of clippings and debris. Tim Merrell, Grass Groups MD, comments, “The mower is superb on undulating ground due to the three floating heads. Most other mowers than can be powered by compacts consist of one fixed head which are no good on undulating ground. And of course, using a smaller tractor reduces the effects of compaction and reduces fuel bills.”



A new logo, dealer awards, new manufacturer……oh and there was an exhibition too!

By , January 26, 2015 5:02 pm

After a very busy week last week at Harrogate, the team at The Grass Group are all now chasing up all the enquiries and watching the weather forecast for when the ground warms up a little to begin the demonstrations that have already been booked.














With over 4,690 visitors to the show it was a very busy week for the entire team and also for the representatives from our manufacturers ATT, CTI, GKB, Progressive and Trilo. Although The Grass Group stand was double the size this year it was always busy and full of visitors.













There were several notable events at the show, the introduction of the new ATT 30” INFiNisystem pedestrian machine, our new manufacturer GKB Machines were formally introduced at the exhibition and we of course had a Trilo S3 located just outside the front entrance for everyone to view. Our dealer Thomas Sherriff won the award for being the UK ATT dealer of the year 2014 and also there was a surprise for MD Tim Merrell –he was presented with a new redesigned Grass Group logo to celebrate 25 years in the industry. As usual BTME was a successful show and always gives a positive start to the year, we look forward to following up on all the interest we’ve received.


BTME Day 2

By , January 22, 2015 12:38 pm

Day two of the exhibition started as busy as the first, with visitors through door as soon as the show opened despite the snow and also the possibility of a few headaches from the night before!










Highlights of the day were a great deal of interest in the new ATT INFiNipower 30” model with some very promising demonstrations booked as well as some confirmations of earlier TM System sales coming through on the stand. We have been talking to several international visitors reference ATT progressing into new areas as well as some long-standing Grass Group customers calling in for a chat and a coffee.









There was also time to spring a small surprise on MD Tim Merrell with an unveiling of a new special Grass Group logo to celebrate 25 years in business, we’ll be adding this to our marketing as we as having several special events as we progress through the 2015 silver anniversary year.

ATT – Europe wide

By , November 21, 2014 10:44 am

The last few weeks have seen further activity for The Grass Group within Europe, with further resoundingly successful demonstrations undertaken across the whole of Germany and the imminent set up of the full dealer network within the country things are moving at a real pace. Adding to this new interest from Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic as well as ongoing communications and sales with France, Portugal and Belgium Tim Merrell has been a regular visitor to all these countries over the past few months.







Culminating the last few weeks with a very successful Galabau exhibition, German greenkeepers conference and a dealer day in Belgium as well as presenting and demonstrating at the John Deere headquarters in Germany to all the German John Deere dealers the impact of ATT, the TMsystem and the remarkable INFiNisystem is a testament to the technology, simplicity and reliability of the equipment, not to mention the cost savings and environmental benefits it can bring.





Autumn INFiNiPower

By , October 10, 2014 8:21 am

Now that Autumn is well and truly on its way, delivering lower temperatures and less hours of daylight, thoughts now need to shift to maintaining the fine turf on the golf greens. Tim Merrell of The Grass Group sheds some light on the subject and outlines a simple three-step method, using the ATT INFiNiPower pedestrian turf maintenance system, to keep any green playing and looking great all winter long.









To begin with, Tim suggests removing all debris from the surface, “You need to regularly get rid of dead organic matter such as leaves and pine needles from the surface of the green. If left, a micro climate can develop underneath the leaves, preventing air circulation and trapping moisture, creating an environment that diseases can thrive in”.  To combat this, he advises using the INFiNiPower Power Rotary Brush cassette. Slotting easily into the systems’ chassis, the bristles on the brush will not only remove surface matter but will also stand the grass ‘proud’, further reducing moisture levels that can leave grass vulnerable to pathogen attack. The second step in the programme is to eliminate ‘footprinting’. “Because golf is still intensively played throughout the wet winter months, footprints can cause the greens to become uneven, ultimately affecting the putting performance of the surface”, he commented. “To smooth out the undulating ground, simply remove the Power Rotary Brush, and insert the Vibration Cassette into the chassis of the INFiNiPower”. With an operating frequency of 83Hz transferred through two 60mm rollers, a true and fast putting surface is gently restored without damaging the health of the plant or compacting the surface. “I would say that this could be done once or twice a week to keep your greens playing fast and smooth”, he said.











Thirdly, Tim outlines a way to get air into the surface without going too deep into the rootzone. “If you deep tine aerate, nitrates will be produced and promote plant growth. In the warmer months this is fine, but in the winter you want the grass to stay in a fairly dormant state”. “A sudden flush of growth will soften the cell wall of the plant, making it more susceptible to pathogen attack – ultimately resulting in disease”, he warned. As an alternative to deep tine aeration, he encourages using the INFiNiPower Star Spiker or Sarel Roller cassettes to insert small pin prick holes into the surface. “The objective here is to stop the surface from completely sealing over, whilst just getting enough air into the ground to keep the grass healthy without stimulating growth”.
Tim summarizes, “The main goal for greenkeepers in the winter months is to maintain grass cover and prevent disease, giving them a head start going into the warmer months”. He continued, “The INFiNiPower offers a quality, British built system, with all the tools that you would ever need to keep your fine turf areas in peak condition, all year round”.

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