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Announcement: Trilo

By , December 22, 2015 1:58 pm

Following a strategic review to bring the region in line with the rest of Europe, as of the 1st of March 2016 The Grass Group will no longer be the exclusive distributor of Trilo products in the UK. Trilo will be directly taking over the sales and service of new Trilo machinery within the area, being supported directly from the factory and the head office in Holland.
After 25 years of working with Trilo and the continued growth of the products within the UK, The Grass Group are understandably disappointed with this decision; however, we will carry on supporting existing customers to the same high standard as always. The Trilo brand has been synonymous with The Grass Group and we will continue to offer our vast experience and assist current customers both new and old with technical expertise and support.

If you require any further information please contact us: 01638 720123 or



Breath of fresh air at Haydock Park

By , November 12, 2015 10:23 am

Haydock Park, one of the most used racecourses in the country, is lined with woodland and avenues of trees. Maurice Crooks, Head Groundsman and Estates Manager, uses both a Trilo vacuum and blower in order to manage the autumn leaves and to clear the litter and debris left behind following the 32 days racing.

Maurice currently uses the Trilo SG1100 and during the demo was ‘blown away’ by the strength, low maintenance and competitive price of the machine. It has helped Maurice and his team deal with the sometimes difficult glass bottles by shattering them inside the machine. Litter clearing is now done out of house so the SG1100 has been rehomed to the stables and is also used for leaf collection. The stable yards are tight and with a 9 cubic metre capacity the SG1100 is shorter than a standard model. Therefore, it is remotely operated so the boom goes out from the cab and the wanderhose is used like a joystick. Maurice recognises the advantages of this machines saying, “Unlike competitor machines it is so easy to operate, you don’t have to lift any pipes meaning there’s no other machine as good as this for Health & Safety.”

To complement the SG1100, the team also used a Trilo BL960 and they were so impressed they purchase an identical blower this June. In the autumn it is used for leaf clearance and in the summer it is used to scatter and disperse the grass clipping or clumps made by their 12 foot tractor mounted mower. They have the mower attached to the front and the blower on the back – the perfect combination. By purchasing another blower they can have another mower out increasing productivity.

Maurice adds, “All Trilo products are very well built and are very strong. The service from The Grass Group has always been very good and I had no hesitation in recommending both the product and the dealer to a friend at Leicester Racecourse.” We would like to thank Maurice for his custom – as always it was a pleasure!

Cut, scarify and collect in one pass with the Trilo C15

By , October 30, 2015 11:02 am

Trilo, available from The Grass Group have for over 25 years offered professional, time-saving solutions that can be used for a wide variety of tasks.One such machine is the Trilo C15 .The versatile Trilo C15 is a fully mounted, PTO driven, flail/scarifier collector with a working width of 1.5M. Specifically designed for tractors of 28HP and above, having a single acting hydraulic system to operate the hopper emptying mechanism. A multipurpose machine, this robust and compact unit in its raw state will collect cut grass, leaves, moss,horse droppings and other debris from rough or fine areas. The 18 wind paddles fitted to the heavy duty finely balanced rotor ensure a thorough uptake of material into the 1.1M3 capacity hopper. The material is discharged by operating the cab-mounted single acting hydraulic lever which raises the rear of the hopper, allowing compact tidy heaps to be deposited at disposal sites. The dust cover ensures that the operator is free from any dust when operating in dry conditions.However, the Trilo C15 comes into its own when combined with twisted flail blades to give a really “finegrass” cut with grass stripes afterwards. It is equipped with easily adjusted steel rollers front and back to set the depth and /or cutting height. Add to that a scarifying unit and the C15 will, in one pass, leave the grass clean and striped, aerated and well groomed in one pass – regenerating previously matted and stale ground.







The scarifying unit comprises 3 mm thick verticut blades and can remove a large amount of thatch. The hard faced steel Y-shaped blades can be used with the verticut blades to improve the finish still further.Both types of blades are reversible to double their life time and reduce the operating costs. Changing the wear resistant blades is easy to do because of the quick-change clips used.


Trilo Launches Airport Cut and Collect special model range

By , October 5, 2015 3:25 pm

As Europe’s leading airfield mowing specialist, Spearhead Machinery have joined forces with Europe’s leading provider of collection systems, Trilo to deliver a new concept in airfield mowing technology. Utilising their extensive knowledge and technical expertise, these two leading brands have combined to offer a new concept in airfield grass maintenance, Cut and Collect.







Cut and Collect allows the one-pass mowing and cleaning of an area six metres in width providing a new solution for grassland and wildlife habitat management on airfields. Compatible with power units upwards of 230HP (171KW) the cut and collect system combines a mower supplied by Spearhead mounted at the front of the tractor and a collection trailer supplied by Trilo towed at the rear of the tractor.

Spearhead is well known as a specialist provider of machinery for the maintenance of green areas and launches a new front mounted flail mower of 6.0 metres working width, the Trident 6000 to compliment the Trilo S-Line system. The machine based on the popular fine cut Trident 4000 and 5000 features three individually; pendulum mounted sections which float to perfectly follow the contours of the ground. Mounted as standard with a high lift twisted flail and a special double spiral rotor the machine can mow at speeds of up to 12 km/h providing capacities of up to 6 hectares per hour. Trilo is highly regarded as an industry leader in collection systems with a focus on grass collection. Following the mower and pulled at the rear of the tractor is a Trilo S Series high capacity collection trailer matched to the mowers working width of 6.0 metres. Two brush loaded fold out wings draw cut grass to the centre of the machine where it is delivered to the hopper by a pick-up head. The trailer features a hopper capacity of 20 m3 when loaded to capacity meaning that huge areas can be covered prior to unloading.
Cut and Collect height can be adjusted between 20 and 150 millimetres, perfect for low level cutting close to the runway or ‘bottoming out’ operations defined by European regulations throughout the wider airfield. Both machines hydraulically fold for transport meaning that the transfer of equipment between working areas is safe and efficient.


Click here for a video of the machine in action

Autumn – It’s not all doom and gloom!

By , August 26, 2015 9:04 am

We don’t know about you but this weather has got us all down in the dumps that summer could potentially be over and it will be another year before we can legitimately drink Pimms again!

However, it’s not all bad news. The much needed rain and warm temperatures means our grass is beginning to grow. This must mean the time to scarify is approaching – good riddance thatch!


Trilo’s C15 Scarifier collector is perfect for this job. Built to last due to its high quality – you know you can Trust Trilo. This multipurpose machine means you can not only scarify but prepare your turf for scarifying by cutting and collecting the grass first and finish by collecting any remaining debris. Why have several machines when you can have one?! Fitted to the heavy duty finely balanced rotor is 18 3mm wind paddles. In just one pass you will have an aerated well finished turf. One good quality machine leaving a good quality finish seems like a real no-brainer.





If collection during scarifying is important to you then look no further than the popular and versatile S3. With a 3 cubic metre capacity and a 5mm x 200m diameter wander hose you can collect to your hearts content.




If you’re looking for a non-hydraulic Scarifier our VCU 150 is your ideal machine. Able to handle thatch build-ups down to 40 mm with 5 toothed blades this machine offers optimal results. It is also perfect for fairways as you can turn and scarify with no tearing.


The Grass Group grows!

By , August 10, 2015 11:12 am

As part of an on-going programme to strengthen their sales and customer support service, The Grass Group have made a number of promotions and appointments. Following the tradition of promoting staff internally where possible, Robin Sugg has been promoted to the role of Service Manager and Vinny Tarbox to Sales and Marketing Manager. Robin is highly experienced within service and customer facing roles and is well accustomed to the full range of Grass Group brands, previously working as a service engineer and assistant service manager. Having worked in the marketing department for just over a year, Vinny is looking forward to the challenge of the new combined role encompassing sales alongside customer demonstrations.  “The dual sales and marketing role is something I have undertaken previously so feel I have a good understanding of what is required as well as experience of working within the sales environment,” Vinny commented.







In the vein of promoting from within is the recent addition of Emily Merrell, daughter of MD Tim.  Emily will be working alongside Vinny supporting him as Sales and Marketing Executive.  She has recently graduated from the University of Southampton with a BA in French, including practical experience of a year’s work experience on mainland France.  Emily will play a key role in UK and European dealer support; organising and attending trade shows; booking and attending product demonstrations and working on the company’s advertising and social media.  “I’m looking forward to bringing new ideas to the day to day sales and marketing activities of The Grass Group,” she said.

Trilo S Line, your multipurpose machine

By , May 19, 2015 3:21 pm

Once machines were built for one purpose and one purpose alone a machine that could mow was only a mower, a machine that could sweep was only a sweeper. Over the years, better design and the need to be budget conscious has led manufacturers to design machines that can offer more than one use – think to the incredible range of cassettes available from ATT as part of the TM System – everything can offer more than one purpose and deliver a lot more to the Greenkeeper or Groundsman.






Every machine in the Trilo S Line range can do more than one thing, from the smallest Trilo S3 through to the mammoth Trilo S20 every machine is a vacuum sweeper, a scarifier collector and also a mower collector. This give the customer the advantage with both cost and usability, a Trilo is now a machine that is out of the shed all year undertaking many tasks and with the precision design and fantastic build quality performing them all to the top standard. Your Trilo is a year round investment that will repay you over many years of reliable service and will perform at the highest standards that have been proven over the last 25 years in the UK.





Trilo S3 in action

Scarification is a must but you must do it with the right machine

By , April 1, 2015 2:14 pm

Your spring scarification is a big sign that the weather is looking up, the grass is starting to grow and the warmer weather is on its way. Even though it’s a fairly aggressive procedure its main aim is of course to encourage growth so precision is vital with this activity.








The Trilo S3 with its dedicated scarifier set up has a large 3 cubic metre capacity but also low ground pressure which means it can get into the turf, removing the dead areas and moss so that the new growth can infill and the grass has the best chance to flourish. The new special version of the machine has had previously standard items like the wanderhose removed to give it the dedicated operation for scarifying which also reduces the footprint weight of the machine.


Scarifying and removing the thatch also gives the best opportunity for fertilisers and top dressings to make it down into the sward and of course then later in the season thatch that has not been removed will soak up rain or irrigation water like a sponge. A clean sward makes the best use of nutrients, water and air throughout the growing season. Scarification can have a dramatic effect on turf at a key time of year as air gets into the sward, stimulating vigorous growth.








The Trilo S3 which can operate behind a medium compact tractor with around 28HP available means you can have a dedicated machine that is compact, with a high capacity and fantastic build quality as part of a great value scarification package.

Welcome GA Groundcare Ltd

By , March 19, 2015 9:40 am

The Grass Group is pleased to announce that GA Groundcare Ltd are our new dealer for the southwest area covering Wiltshire & Hampshire. A Wiltshire based family run business specialising in ground care and arboricultural machinery with over 50 years combined industry experience.







GA Groundcare Ltd will be offering for sale the full range of equipment distributed exclusively by The Grass Group including ATT, GKB, Progressive, Rotadairon and Trilo as well as supplying CTI Tines and Bedknives.

Jeremy Vincent The Grass Groups’ General Manager said of the new appointment “we look forward to working closely with GA Groundcare, they are passionate about great customer service and already have a good knowledge of the full product range we offer.”








March, time to Mow, Scarify and Ultragroom

By , March 2, 2015 11:32 am

A steady rise in ground temperatures leads to the grass starting grow in March although with this year’s wet ground it may take longer for the ground temperatures to rise so growth may be sporadic. Planning and material acquisitions for renovation should now be under way although pitch and course presentation at this time of the year remains important. Well striped pitches with lines that are both bright and straight, and goalposts that are both upright with nets that are tidy, will help to take the eye off some of the thinner areas of grass.












Later this month you will need to start seriously thinking about and gearing up for you renovation programme, and tying up any loose ends to ensure that you programme runs smoothly. March is the month where extra pressure can be placed on the groundsman to get the games on at any cost, with the idea that pitches will recover under better growing conditions and a renovation programme the same applies to golf courses and presentation as more rounds are now being played.






Surface cleaning: However you achieve it, you will need to clean out the surface and get rid of the build up of dead organic matter that will have built up, particularly on the wings of the pitch, and the remnants of old divots etc. A well made  scarifier or scarifier collector would be perfect for performing this task, giving the turf light and air as well space to regrow. An operation that is becoming popular to those that can afford it (mostly premiership clubs fall into this bracket), fraise mowing is extremely efficient at removing the top organic layer of the pitch however, you will effectively be starting again with a newly sown surface, so your seeding rates will need be higher.








Topdressing, choose wisely for compatibility with your current rootzone. If you employ the services of an agronomist, then he will advise you of the best topdressing for your situation. If you cannot afford to topdress, you may consider hollow coring, recycling them by breaking them up and dragmatting them back into the surface. Ultragrooming is also a good options to dramatically reduce the need to topdress, standing up the leaf and removing thatch and other organic material.


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