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Trilo C15 Flail mower/Scarifier collector

The Trilo C15 is a 3 point linkage mounted, PTO driven, flail unit with collection hopper. Built to Trilos exemplary high standard the machine has a working with of 1.5 meters, a capacity of 1.1m3 and 28 Hp is all that is required horsepower to run this machine! The Trilo C15 is very versatile and can be used for a range of applications for example cutting grass, verticutting, collecting leaves and litter in one pass on both flat and undulating areas. There are 18 wind paddles mounted on a dynamically balanced rotor which is built for intensive use, and will blow the material into the hopper. The dust cover ensures that the operator is free from any dust when operating in dry conditions.

Verticut, flail and collect

The Trilo C15 when equipped with 3 mm thick verticut blades, in one pass can remove a large amount of thatch while leaving the grass clean and striped afterwards. Regular verticutting allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to quickly get to the grasses root system rapidly improving its condition. The hard faced steel Y shaped blades can be used with the verticut blades improving still further the finish. Both types of blades are reversible to double their life time reducing the operating costs. To change the wear resistant blades is easy to do because of the quick change clips used. The C15 can also be fitted with twisted flail blades which give a really fine grass cut and once again the grass is striped afterwards. The collected material can be dumped easily with a single acting hydraulic valve from the operators seat. The Trilo C15 is equipped as standard with a steel roller front and back and these are easily adjusted to set the depth and /or cutting height.


  • Removes thatch build up
  • Allows increased aeration
  • More effective utilization of fertilizer
  • Increased water penetration
  • Earlier spring green up

Technical Specifications

Overall working width:1.5m
Overall length:1.60m
Standard height:1.57m
Weight:515 kg
Hopper capacity:1.1m³
HP required:28 hp DIN min. @ 540 rpm
Number of blades:48
Number of wind paddles:18
Three point linkage:Cat 1
Hydraulics:1 single acting valve
  • Trilo C15 scarifier collector
  • Trilo C15 scarifier collector
  • Trilo C15 scarifier collector
  • Trilo C15 scarifier collector
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