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Progressive Proflex 120 Rotary Mower

Progressive Turf Equipment's Pro-Flex 120 is fast becoming the benchmark for trail-type rotary contour finishing mowers.
The Pro-Flex 120 offers the same standards of quality, performance and reliability that are found on our Tri-Deck Series of mowers. In fact, the PTO shaft, running gear, blade spindle assembly and other drive train components are found on all models of Progressive mowers for added serviceability.
The Pro-Flex 120 abounds with features not found in competitive units. Some of the key features are:

  • A full frame which provides the ability to mow while backing up.
  • Adjustable discharge deflectors for clean even discharge of clippings.
  • High blade tip speed for a second to none after cut appearance.
  • Each deck is equipped with a shock absorber that keeps the deck from bouncing, thus providing a smooth even cut at speeds up to 6 mph. this increases productivity while maintaining quality of cut.

Last, but not least, Progressive Turf Equipment Inc. makes only rotary finishing mowers. Our focus on the rugged construction and thoughtful design of the Pro-Flex 120, contributes to long life and easy maintenance of the unit.

New features include:
Maintenance Free Blade Spindles
Pro Lift’N’Turn
Automatic Wing Lock Valve
Rubber Damped, Automatic Belt Tensioners
100 Hour PTO Shaft Greasing Intervals
More Robust Belts and Easier Changes
Longer Service Life

If you require a mower with anti-scalp contour following capabilities, you need a Pro-Flex 120. It will give you years of reliable performance and is the most economical machine of its type today.

Insist on the Progressive Pro-Flex 120 Contour Finishing Mower.

Technical Specifications

DescriptionPF-120 (10')'
Recommended PTO HP30-40)
Cutting Width3m (10 ft.)
Cutting Height1in. to 3 ¼ in. ¼" increments"
Mowing CapacitySpeed (km)468
Transport DimensionsLengthWidthHeight
 3.35m (11.0 ft)2.44m (8.0 ft)1.25m (4.1 ft)
Mower Flexibility DecksFore & Aft +/-10 degrees
 Left & Right +/- 10 degrees
FrameDecks Up & Down +/- 22 degrees
 Wings 10 degrees up
 Hitch Swivel 360 Degrees
WeightMachine 940 kg (2 070 lbs)
 Tongue 85kg (195 lbs.)
SpindlesEasy to drop out 4 bolt style. Has support bar welded to spindle end. Two bolt, blade mounting bar. Keeps blade level for that perfect cut.
Blades5 high lift, heat treated, alloy steel blades: 8mm x 63.5mm x 687mm Blade tip speed of 94.5 km/h.
Decks5 - 71 cm Dia. Decks, 5mm thickness, floating, rotary. Wing decks can be raised to mow in more confined areas. Cutting width reduces from 3m to 1.83m. Mounted on tapered roller bearings. Transport: 2 - Durable, heavy
DriveFront C.V. PTO shaft, gearbox, belts
Turning Radius40.5cm uncut Circle
Anti ScalpRollers supplied as standard equipment. One in front and rear of each deck. (2 per Deck) Skids on each side of the deck.
OptionsMulching kit complete, or discharge shut off plates only.
  • Progressive Proflex 120 Rotary Mower
  • Progressive Proflex 120 Rotary Mower
  • Progressive Proflex 120 Rotary Mower
  • Progressive Proflex 120 Rotary Mower
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