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Progressive TDR-12 Roller Mower

Progressive's new Tri-Deck Roller mower (TDR-12) is the correct choice of wide area mowers for municipal grounds care, playing fields, parks, sports facilities, polo fields and golf courses.

This versatile mower cuts as low as 13mm (½") without scalping while it smoothes the surface. It can also stripe for visual impact and speed re-growth by promoting root-to-soil contact for divot repair. Full length rollers allow the cutting deck to bridge ribbons while aiding in moisture retention when used in sod production.

Our superior quality cut comes from high lift blades that creates enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean even cut and disperse the clippings evenly over the rollers. Rear rollers also provide extra protection for safe discharge of clippings and debris. If you need a wide area mower and a quality cut, you need a Progressive TDR-12.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Width3.7 meters (12 Feet)
360° Turn0" Uncut Circle
Ground Clearance235mm (9¼")
Transport DimensionsLengthWidthHeight
 4.27m (14')2.13m (84")2.26m (89")
RecommendedHP 25 Min. - 40 Max.
HydraulicsRequires 1 double acting outlet, all hoses supplied to tractor
Deck DrivePTO shaft to right angle gear box driving "B" section belts to heavy duty spindles.
Belt AdjustmentEasily made by loosening four bolts at slide plate base and adjusting the slide plate forwards or backwards and retightening.
Transport Wheels6 bolt, 15 cm Bolt Circle P275/60SR 15" automotive radials
Deck ConstructionA single piece of 5 mm (3/16") steel plate formed and welded with supporting members at high stress areas to achieve maximum structural strength.
Spindles7 spindles, 30mm diameter spindles are supported by 2 greaseable ball bearings, which are housed in a precision-machined hub.
Screw JackSide wind jack for easy hook up.
Blade Support19mm x 13mm x 200mm (3/4" x 2-1/2" x 8')long bar welded to spindle and machined for balance. Two ½" bolts hold blade rigid to provide a clean, level cut.
BladesHigh lift, heat treated, alloy steel blades 63mm x 8mm x584mm (5/16" x 2" x 23")- 3 per deck R.H. & L.H. blades.
Main Gear Box4 shaft gear box with 35mm- 6 spline shafts, Delivering power to decks.
Cutting HeightInfinite settings from 13mm (½") to 100mm (4")
SMV SignLocated at back of mower for safety
Weight1540 kilograms (3400 Pounds)
Mowing CapacitySpeed (MPH)246
Acres Per HourSpeed (MPH)
Paint FinishElectro-statically powder painted - oven baked finish.
"A" FrameHollow structural steel tubing with supports at high stress areas to achieve maximum strength.
Hitch51mm pintle hitch or 4 position hitch. Safety chain with hook according to Dept. of Transport regulations
Tongue WeightTransporting - 572 kilograms (1100 Pounds)
Mowing- 254 kilograms (560 Pounds)
Cylinders3 - 63mm x 300mm (2-1/2" x 12") double acting cylinders that come with installed safety restrictor
PTO ShaftsTelescoping, agricultural PTO drive shafts with proper safety shields. 35mm- 6 spline quick-disconnect yoke with ring lock collars, overrunning and automatic clutch.
SpeedsTractor PTO-540 RPM, Blades - 3040 RPM, Blade Tip Speed - 18,287 F.P.M.
Rollers150mm (6") diameter with replaceable shafts
OptionsLow lift blades
  • Progressive TDR-12 Mower
  • Progressive TDR-12 Mower
  • Progressive TDR-12 Mower
  • Progressive TDR-12 Mower
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