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Rotadarion RD130 Stoneburier

What is the Compact Rotadairon Soil Renovatorâ„¢?

One of the main problems encountered when creating or renovating amenity areas (parks, private gardens and estates) and sports fields (football pitches, golf courses) is fine cultivation of top soil before seeding. That is why The Dairon Company, already world renowned for its heavy duty Soil Renovators have developed a range of compact Rotadairon soil renovators for all purposes : cultivation - levelling - burying of stones, clods and overgrowth, grass + debris - rolling.

Conditions of utilization

Utilization in overgrowth or on previously and deeply loosened soil cleared of big rocks. Ground speed from 1/2 to 1MPH according to working conditions.

Technical Specifications

Stoneburier RD130
Work width 1350 mm
Overall width 1770 mm
Adjustable work depth 140 mm
Depth control Screw jacks system
Number of blades 42
Number of grate fingers 43
3 point hitch Categories 1&2
Required power (HP) 25 to 45
PTO rotation speed 540 RPM
Transmission and safety Chain hydraulic torque
Weight - Mesh Roller 463 kg
Weight - Packer roller 572 kg
Length 1550 mm
Width 1700 mm
Height 1700 mm



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