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Rotadarion RD250 / RD250-L3 Stoneburier

What is the Compact Rotadairon Soil Renovatorâ„¢?

This soil preparer and stone burier is designed for tractors. It allows the building or renovation of green spaces by preparing the seed bed before seeding. The machine is multi-purpose, it allows tilling, burying (stones, rubbish, herbs, etc.), levelling, mixing and rolling the surface. The use is done live or on a ground previously decompacted in depth.

Conditions of utilization

Utilization in overgrowth or on previously and deeply loosened soil cleared of big rocks. Ground speed from 1/2 to 1MPH according to working conditions.

Technical Specifications

Stoneburier RD250
Work width
2492 mm
Overal width
2944 mm
Adjustable work depth
160 mm
Depth control
Screw jacks system
Number of blades
3 point hitch
Categories 1&2
Required power (HP)
70 to 90
Transmission and safety
Chain dry clutch
Weight - Mesh Roller
515 kg
2920 mm
1890 mm
Height 1120 mm
Stoneburier RD250-L3
Work width  2500 mm
Overal width  2965 mm (MAKING IT IDEAL FOR TRANSPORT)
Adjustable work depth  220 mm
Depth control  Screw jacks system
Number of blades  72
3 point hitch  Categories 2&3
Required power (HP)  110 to 150
Transmission and safety  Angle gearbox and oil bath chains
Weight with Mesh Roller  1935 kg
Length  2965 mm
Width  2200 mm
Height 1290 mm



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