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RotaDairon RG200 Overseeder

The RG200 is a regenerative overseeder machine. Overseeding is a maintenance process for seeding on top of worn or damaged turf.

The RG200 seeding results are of the utmost precision thanks to a global volume of the seeder dispenser slots. To facilitate the seeding rate and working depth adjustments, the machines are equipped with visual indicators (marks and dials). A simple over seeding process. The triple tines open the furrows and insert the seeds in the ground. The turfs natural elasticity will then close the furrows, helped by the special tyre roller. The mixer is removable without any tools for simple and easy cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Working width200mm
Number of blades117
Number of furrows13/39
Distance between furrows48mm
3 point hitchFloating top link
Ground speed2-5Km/h
Required power25-60 HP
Drive trainOil bath chain
  • Rotadairon RG 200 Seeder
  • Rotadairon RG 200
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