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Rotadarion RX Stoneburiers

Heavy duty RX Range of Stoneburiers

This soil preparer and stone burier allows the building or renovation of green spaces by preparing the seed bed before seeding. The machine is multi-purpose, it allows tilling, burying (stones, rubbish, herbs, etc.), levelling, mixing and rolling the surface. The use is done live or on a ground previously decompacted in depth.

Oversized rotor
Anti-pad blades (Rotadairon® patent)
Selection grid fingers
Oil bath torque limiter at each end of the rotor
Soil preparation principle
Working depth adjustment
Grader blade



Roller cast iron notched discs + scraper
Tire roller
Pneumatic seeder
Anti-groove system (ARS)
  • Rotadarion RX Stoneburiers
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