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Rotadairon SD720 Self-propelled Seeder


The SD 720 self-propelled seeder performs the following operations in one single pass:

  • Seeding all varieties of turf seed
  • Controlled burying of the seed
  • Soil packing (without soil marking) with its stainless steel rear roller

Technical Specifications

Self-Propelled Seeder SD720
Weight272 kg
Working width (seeding)700 mm
Hopper capacity60 litres
Petrol engineHonda 4.5HP oil bath, hour counter and engine rpm counter
Mechanical Gear Box4 forward gears, 1 reverse gear Max speed 5kph
Length1585 mm
Width960 mm
Height1109 mm
Standard equipmentParking brake, Stainless steel box, Front mesh roller, Driven by rear tamping roller, Seed burying system, Windproof guarding, Seed tray for adjusting rate, Anti impacts guarding
Distribution, seed rate adjustment and seedingSeed agitator, Fine seed rate adjustment, graduated dial, Rapid seed shut off device
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