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Rotadairon Heavy Duty RX370 Soil Renovator

What is the Heavy Duty Rotadairon® Soil Renovator™?

Stones, clods, grass and debris present major problems when constructing or renovating sports fields and recreation areas or preparing ground for turf production. Quality and safety of all sports surfaces from golf fairways to sports fields are affected by surface stones. Germination rates and levelness of ground are also affected by clods and organic matter. The Dairon Company, in association with members of the golf and turf industry, has developed a wide range of machines which bury all debris to leave a surface free of stones, clods and rubbish.

Principle of operation

The roller frame supports the rotor by means of two depth control screw jacks. The reverse rotation rotor is equipped with special non panning blades which throw all the soil and stones against the selection grate. The stones, clods and debris land at the bottom grate of the cultivated depth to be covered with a blanket of fine soil 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) deep. The finishing roller packs and levels the soil surface ready for perfect seeding or sodding.

Your problem: stones, clods, grass, debris:

  • On golf courses
  • Sports grounds: football/soccer, baseball, cricket, polo, rugby and race courses
  • Green spaces: public gardens and leisure parks
  • Sod producing areas

Our solution: the Rotadairon

  • Reduces the cost of arduous stone picking (mechanical or manual)



  • Cultivation to a depth of 8.5 inches (22 cm)
  • Burying of stones, clods, grass and debris
  • Creation of a fine soil surface for accurate seed depth and ideal turf renovation
  • Clean seed bed free of weeds and rubbish
  • Levelling and finishing of the surface
  • Rolling firm from 800 to 2000 lbs (250 to 900 kg) according to width and equipment
Heavy Duty Soil Renovator RX370
Drive Double Drive
Work width 3680 mm
Overall width 4511 mm
Adjustable work depth 220 mm
Rotor Outside Diameter 630 mm
Depth control Screw jacks
Number of blades 108
Number of grate fingers 121
3 point hitch Category 2
Required power (HP) 130 -180
PTO rotation speed 1000 RPM
Transmission and safety 1 Oil bath torque limiter at each end of rotor
Weight - Mesh Roller 2455 kg
Weight - Packer roller 2885 kg
Length 2150 mm
Width 4511 mm
Height 1340 mm



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