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RotaDairon SMG155 3 point Hitch Seeder

Several Operations in a Single Pass

The 3 point hitch Dairon seeder performs the following operations in a single pass:

  • GROUND GRADING AND COMPRESSING thanks to rollers which compress top soil clods and debris.
  • BURYING OF SMALL PARTICLES which trouble fine seeding: small flints with less than 20 mm diameter, overgrowth.
  • SEEDING ALL KINDS OF TURF SEEDS by means of high capacity stainless steel seed-box.
  • SEEDING ALL TYPES OF GROUND whether flat or undulating, dry or wet, sloped or unprepared by using the floating rear roller

Technical Specifications

Seeder Type SMG 155
Weight 530 kg
Length 1140 mm
Width 1780 mm
Height 1100 mm
Seeding width 1500 mm
Seeding depth 0mm < accurate seeding < 12 mm
  0" < accurate seeding < 0.47"
Required power 30 to 60 HP
3 point hitch Categories 1 & 2
Standard Equipment Front and rear iron cast notched rollers
  Double floating axles (rear roller)
  Scrapers front and rear
  Coil tine track remover kit
  Movable 3 point-hitch
  Stainless steel seed box
  Seed gauge
  Windproof guarding
Distribution and seed rate adjustment (highly accurate) Seed valve agitator
Fine seeding with dial seed valve
Seed volume 150 litres


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