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Rotadairon SMG 155/205 3 point Hitch Seeder

Several Operations in a Single Pass

The 3 point hitch Dairon seeder performs the following operations in a single pass:

  • GROUND GRADING AND COMPRESSING thanks to rollers which compress top soil clods and debris.
  • BURYING OF SMALL PARTICLES which trouble fine seeding: small flints with less than 20 mm diameter, overgrowth.
  • SEEDING ALL KINDS OF TURF SEEDS by means of high capacity stainless steel seed-box.
  • SEEDING ALL TYPES OF GROUND whether flat or undulating, dry or wet, sloped or unprepared by using the floating rear roller

Technical Specifications

Seeder Type SMG 155/205
Weight 530 kg
Length 1140 mm
Width 1780 mm
Height 1100 mm
Seeding width 1500 mm
Seeding depth 0mm < accurate seeding < 12 mm
  0" < accurate seeding < 0.47"
Required power 30 to 60 HP
3 point hitch Categories 1 & 2
Standard Equipment Front and rear iron cast notched rollers
  Double floating axles (rear roller)
  Scrapers front and rear
  Coil tine track remover kit
  Movable 3 point-hitch
  Stainless steel seed box
  Seed gauge
  Windproof guarding
Distribution and seed rate adjustment (highly accurate) Seed valve agitator
Fine seeding with dial seed valve
Seed volume 150 litres


  • Rotadairon
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