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Trebro SC2010

The Trebro AutoStack has proven itself as the ultimate high production, automatic turf harvester. One man and one AutoStack will replace up to three conventional turf harvesters and their crew of labourers. This translates into increased turf harvesting efficiency and profitability.

With a heated and air conditioned cab, the operator enjoys a safe, comfortable environment in all weather conditions. Thanks to the high flotation tires and four-wheel drive, this harvester will cut in conditions that other turf harvesters dare not go. The dual 24 inch cutting heads with adjustable-down-pressure produce an outstanding quality of cut with a minimum of waste. Join the revolution and become part of the growing team of satisfied AutoStack users.

  • One-man operation for substantial labour savings
  • Time-tested and proven Electro-Hydraulic Automatic Stacking System
  • Powered by a 140 hp, 4 cylinder John Deere Power Tech engine
  • Heated and air conditioned cab for operator comfort
  • 90 degree rotating operator's seat for excellent visibility of harvesting and stacking functions
  • Fingertip controls for on-the-go adjustment of thickness, pallet size, and roll length
  • Twin 24 inch floating cutting heads with adjustable-down-pressure for improved turf quality and less waste
  • Blade changing and service is quick and easy with the cutting heads in the raised position
  • Articulated steering for outstanding manoeuvrability - even in smaller fields
  • Dual Ultra-Steer allows harvesting in both directions
  • High flotation tires and four-wheel drive permits harvesting in conditions where other machines can't go
  • Low profile, rubber conveyor mat is easier on the turf
  • Unique roll-up system is gentle on turf and produces consistent, tight rolls
  • On-the-go flap adjustment keeps the rolls in a perfect position for neat, stable stacks
  • Stacker head with 88 pickup spears gently transfers 10 rolls at a time to the pallet
  • Neat, stable pallets of turf up to 9 layers high are consistently produced
  • On-the-go automatic pallet injector with 18 pallet capacity
  • On-farm training by a qualified Trebro Service Technician is provided with each new AutoStack
  • Responsive after-the-sale service

Technical Specifications

Width of Cut24 inches (0.61 m)
Thickness of CutHydraulically adjusted
Pallet Size48 X 48 inch single faced (1.22 m x 1.22 m)
Cutting KnivesOne piece with fingers
SteeringUltra-Steer automatic, front pedestal. 170 degree arc
Weight14,400 lbs. (6,532 kg)
Length27 feet (8.23 m)
Width (working)10 feet, 4 inches (3.14 m)
Width (shipping)7 feet, 6 inches (2.29 m)
Height9 feet, 2 inches (2.79 m)
TiresFront: Goodyear Xtra Trac 31 x 15.50
 Back left: Trelleborg 500 x 45 - 22.5
 Back right: Trelleborg 560 x 45 - 22.5
Horsepower99 hp engine
Transmission4 speed automatic
All-Wheel DriveRear wheel electronic anti-spin control
  • Trebro SC2010 turf harvester
  • Trebro SC2010 turf harvester
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