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Trilo BRL120 Turf Installer

The BRL 120 self-propelled big roll installer is the machine to install you sod in a quick and efficient way. With a maximum roll width of 120 cm you can install a soccer field in just one long day.

With the BRL 120 you install sod the easy way. You lay out the sod in front of you and roll it tight with the 7 hydraulic driven wheels.

The driving speed is variable up to 18 km/h. The operators platform has a side shift from 120 cm which give the operator a excellent view on the edge.

A smart patented feature guides the laying process, resulting is a field without any trace of the seams. No grass along the edges folded under the next layout nor overlaps or gaps, which otherwise has to be closed by time consuming moving the heavy slabs with rakes.

The 7 pendling wheels under the machine leave no traces on the field, but will act like a roller during the layout process. Fingertip control when it comes to handling, steering and driving. More than 8 years extensive work in the field has proven that this machine does an excellent job, reducing layout time and the amount of work as well as improving the quality of the field.

Technical Specifications

EngineDeutz F3L 2011 35,8 kW/48 hp
TransmissionHydrostatic 2-speed
Max. speedUp to 18km/h
Tires7x 24 x 13.00 - 12
Side shift120 cm offset operators platform
OperationJoystick with fingertip control
 Canopy with 4 lightsl
 Rolls 60 cm or 120 cm wide rolls
 Lift capacity up to 1500 kg
Length3.5 m
Width1.5 m
Height2.7 m
Weight2200 kg
  • Trilo BRL120 Turf Installer
  • Trilo BRL120 Turf Installer
  • Trilo BRL120 Turf Installer
  • Trilo BRL120 Turf Installer
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