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Designed to spared a wide range of materials using infinitely variable application rates, the FLEXISPREAD from TRILO provides the professional way to spread products such as dry, free running sand, wet loam dressing, pea gravel and small shells.

The flexispread is designed and built to the very high standard associated with The TRILO name.

The machine features large diameter neoprene metering and application rollers. These are flexible enough to handle a variety of materials without adjustment.

Powered from the tractor external hydraulic services by powerful hydraulic motors, the rollers' rotation speed - and therefore application rate - is controlled by a simple hydraulic flow control valve. The 400 litre capacity hopper includes an agitator to help with distribution of materials that are damp and otherwise likely to bridge. The FLEXISPREAD has a spreading width of 1.5 meters.

It can either be tractor-mounted or trailed and features wide, low ground pressure tyres located forward of the spreader mechanism.

Technical Specifications

Overall working width1.85m
Overall length (trailed)1.80m
Overall length mounted1.00m
Standard height1.15m
Spreading width1.50m
Hopper capacity (standard)400 litres
Power sourceTractor hydraulics
Oil flow9 litres/min
Drive systemHydraulic motors
Final drive2x heavy duty 18mm chain
Application rateInfinitely variable via flow control valve
Application systemTwin heavy duty neoprene rollers
Extension hopperOptional
  • Trilo Flexispread material spreader
  • Trilo Flexispread material spreader
  • Trilo Flexispread material spreader
  • Trilo Flexispread material spreader
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