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Trilo SG1170 Vacuum Sweeper

No longer in production, please contact us for parts and alternate Trilo models within the current range.

The TRILO SG1170 has been designed with the notion of combining two successful machines from the TRILO range.

By using the largest vacuum turbine that is currently available, in combination with the compact undercarriage taken from the SG700, a whole new exciting design has been created.

By doing so, we have been able to create a machine with a high power, thanks to the use of a large pump, and a low surface pressure. The whole machine takes a more compact form which therefore ensures that less damage is caused to your ground.

Operation of the machine owes thanks to a solid 960 mm vacuum turbine which generates a very large suction force. The balanced fan and dual-walled housing provide for a resistant, reliable and most importantly, safe power source.

When using the machine in residential areas and other closely-built environments, a high degree of dust formation is unwanted. In order to reduce the emission of fine particulate to a minimum, TRILO vacuum sweepers can be fitted with a dust cap.

OptionsGully brush
 Flail mower
 Water injection

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 960 mm / 4 blades
DriveAftakas, 540 rev/min
PTO outputfrom 62 HP / 47 KW
Loading capacity7 m3
Length5,10 m
Width1,75 m
Height2,45 m
Suction hood2,00 m
Suction hose4 m x 350 mm
Reach2 m
Unloaded weight>1530 kg
Tyres15x17 / 19x17 ply
Hydraulic system180 bar - 40 litre/min
  • Trilo SG1170 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1170 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1170 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1170 Vacuum Sweeper
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