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Trilo SG300 Vacuum Sweeper

No longer in production, please contact us for parts and alternate Trilo models within the current range.

Small but tough

A perfect vacuum sweeper for clearing grounds and fields. The TRILO SG300 is a small tip truck with a working width of 1.40 m. Its modest dimensions and large suction power enable you to work quickly and efficiently, in small areas and in wet conditions.

A tamed tornado

The centrifugal pump delivers impressive performance. It is indirectly driven by a dual fan belt transmission which guarantees smooth operation. The fan housing is fitted with an inspection hatch on the base which makes it possible to check the pump for dirt or damage.

 Gully Brush

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 700 mm / 4 blades
DriveAftakas, 540 omw/min   dubbele v-snaren
PTO outputfrom 28 HP
Loading capacity3 m3
Length3.90 m
Width1,70 m
Suction hose5+1 m x 200 mm
Suction hood1,40 m
Unloaded weight1200 kg
Tyressofttrac 26.5x14.00-12
Hydraulic system180 bar - 40 litre/min
  • Trilo SG300 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG300 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG300 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG300 Vacuum Sweeper
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