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Trilo SG400 Vacuum Sweeper

The TRILO Vacuum Sweeper SG400 is the ideal partner when it comes to performing difficult cleaning work in a straightforward manner. Thorough removal of waste, mowed grass and leaves from sports fields, gardens, verges and recreational grounds is frequently a labour intensive and time-consuming task.

The wide range of auxiliary tools including scarifier rollers, brush rollers and flail mowers makes the SG400 suitable for multi-faceted professional use throughout the whole year.

The compact construction and large tyres that help to form the SG400 vacuum sweeper make it especially suitable in locations where manoeuvrability and low ground pressure are required. A relatively small tractor can be used with the machine and serves to provide an economical and handy compact working combination.

The material that is extracted is collected into a large container with a capacity of 4 cubic meters. The tip truck facility makes it possible to unload into open containers with optimum speed and ease of use.

 Flail mower
 Gully Brush

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 850 mm 5 blades
DrivePTO, 540 rev/min
PTO outputfrom 35 HP / 27 KW
Loading capacity4 m3
Length4,50 m
Width1,50 m
Height2,05 m
Suction hood1,50-1,70 m
Tipping height2,00 m
Unloaded weight1250 kg
Tyres15.00/55x17/8 PLY
Hydraulic system180 bar - 40 litre/min
  • Trilo SG400 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG400 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG400 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG400 Vacuum Sweeper
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