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Trilo VCMK3 Scarifier

Trilo is introducing the VCMK 3, a fully flexible scarifier unit that is ideally suited to sloping grounds such as recreational areas, parks and sports fields. The VCMK is the solution to your moss problems.

  • Reduced moss growth
  • Provides improved aeration of the roots
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Earlier grass growth in the spring
  • Helps to prevent disease and plagues of insects
  • Reduces irrigation costs due to improved absorption of water in the root areas

The natural growth of grass is hindered when a layer of moss, leaves, dead roods and grass cuttings blocks the roots. This leads to reduced resistance to disease. The flexible scarifier unit has already been used for many years with a great deal of success.

For Trilo vacuum sweepers, the scarifier can also be supplied as a separate 3-point tool.

The unit can be used behind a towing vehicle with power greater than 25 HP. The scarifier is driven mechanically and therefore offers the advantage of high efficiency and no risk of hydraulic leaking during operation.

Technical Specifications

PTO output27 HP-20 kW
Weight350 kg
Revolution rate540 rpm
Working width1.70-2.00 m
Blade types2 mm tungsten tips
 Option:3 mm manganese steel
Distance of blades30 mm
 Option:45 mm

The machine has a working width of 1.70 or 2.00 m respectively, with a scarifier roller comprising 3 separate elements that follow the terrain and rotate in the direction of travel.

The grass surface is therefore sliced from above, the blades come from the rear side where an upward groove has already been made. This prevents the surface from being pulled upwards in delicate locations, and prevents damage. The machine can work on a layer up to 4 cm in depth without difficulty.

  • Trilo VCMK3 Scarifier
  • Trilo VCMK3 Scarifier
  • Trilo VCMK3 Scarifier
  • Trilo VCMK3 Scarifier
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