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Trilo VCU Scarifier

The Trilo VCU 120 Verticut is perfect for small flat grass areas, such as greens and tees and is entirely mechanically driven with no hydraulic hoses and therefore no risk of hydraulic leaks. The machine has a working width of 1.2m and is built from one rigid frame. The offset design enables the machine to scarify beyond the passage of the tractor tyre right up to the grass edge. The machine can easily handle thatch build up down to 50mm. The machine is equipped as standard with a tungsten tip, 2mm thick, each with 10 teeth and a blade spacing from 50mm (optional 25mm). The working depth is adjusted by a stepless adjuster on the left and right hand side for accurate depth control of the blades.

  • Removes thatch build-up
  • Allows increased aeration
  • More effective utilization of fertilizer
  • Increased water penetration
  • Earlier spring green-up

Technical Specifications

VCU 120

Working width120 cm
Height77 cm
Length66 cm
Transport width145 cm
Weight180 kg
Front roller 120 mm
Weight Kit2x 22 kg each
PTO540 rpm
Number blades24
Diameter blades 370 mm
Blade thickness2 mm (opt. 3 mm)
Hp requirement20 Hp
Working depthdown to 50 mm
  • Trilo VCU 120
  • Trilo VCU 120 scarifier
  • Trilo VCU 120 scarifying
  • Trilo VCU 120 in field
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