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Trilo SG1165K Vacuum Sweeper

A spacious grass vacuum sweeper with a load capacity of 11 m3.

Operation of the machine owes thanks to a solid 960 mm vacuum turbine which generates a very large suction force. The balanced fan and dual-walled housing provide for a resistant, reliable and most importantly, safe power source.

The centrifugal pump delivers impressive performance. It is indirectly driven by a dual fan belt transmission which guarantees smooth operation. In combination with 2 mechanically driven wings, at least 6.50 m of mowed grass can be collected in one operation.

The fan housing is fitted with an inspection hatch on the base.

A low wheel pressure is achieved through the use of 4 aligned tyres which follow the terrain.

OptionsSwing axle

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 960 mm / 4 blades
DrivePTO, 540 rev/min
PTO outputfrom 80 HP / 56 KW
Loading capacity11 m3
Length6,30 m
Width2,10 m
Height2,80 m
Suction hood2,00 m
Suction hose4 m x 350 mm
Reach2 m
Unloaded weight>2400 kg
Tyres19.55x17-10 ply
Hydraulic system180 bar - 40 litre/min
  • Trilo SG1165K Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1165K Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1165K Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG1165K Vacuum Sweeper
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