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The Grass Group has an extensive range of equipment available to buy as used. We ensure that every product we sell meets our exacting standards, regardless of whether they are new, used, or purchased on a hire basis. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products, built to last a lifetime, ones that provide our customers with the most efficient turf management and refinement system possible. As with any service provided by The Grass Group, we guarantee to deliver the most professional service possible to customers purchasing used stock. Each piece of equipment we sell is subjected to rigorous testing prior to being listed for sale, meaning you can be sure that the products we offer are of the highest calibre.


Progressive Pro-Roll

Ex Demo Progressive Pro-Roll

A wide-area turf roller ideal for smoothing flat or contoured turf, reducing mowing frequency and gentle enough for use on new growth and delicate turf.

The Pro-Roll produces consistent striping, regardless of the terrain profile as each roller is able to independently track changing contours.

Whether it is a tight corner of a sports field or negotiating a fairway hazard, the Pro-Roll has the ability to make sharp turns without scuffing, all thanks to the individually-mounted transport tires, and Progressive?s unique Pro Lift-N-Turn? system.

Best of all, the Pro-Roll can be used with either a compact tractor or a wide range of utility vehicles.


Contact us on 01638 720123 for more details.

Ex-Demo Progressive Pro-Flex

EX DEMO - Progressive ProFlex


Contact us on 01638 720123 for more details.

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