ED 130TS

Dethatching, Spiking and Collection Machine

This dethatching/collecting machine allows dethatching operations in one pass. It features a patented sweeping system with hydraulic drive, and a hydraulically discharged collection container with a capacity of 180 litres. Additionally, it can be used to aerate the ground (with a spiking effect, without power take-off) or rolling. The machine is equipped with a quick-change blade system (Rotadairon® patent), where the blades are magnetically positioned on their support and all the supports are locked by a single nut at the end of the rotor axis.Key features include:

  • Magnetic knife positioning (quick change)
  • Unique nut at the end of the rotor shaft
  • Floating 3rd point hitch for better ground following.
  • Hydraulic system (Cylinders) for unloading the tank
  • Hydraulic system (Motor) for perfect felt collection

Available in 3 knife configurations:

    1. Sharpened (standard): Stainless steel knife sharpened for typical dethatching
    2. Not sharpened: Made of stainless steel knives not sharpened for more aggressive dethatching
    3. Carbide plate: Carbon steel with carbide plate for very aggressive dethatching
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Additional information


750 mm (30")


800 mm (30")




1500 mm (60"

3 Point Hitch

Category 1 & 2

Gap between knives


Number of knife support discs


Number of sharpened knives


Required Power

25 to 40 HP

PTO shaft rotation speed

540 RPM

Standard Equipment

Cast casing, Stainless steel rollers, multi position rear cover


Oil bath chain

Work Depth Settings

Front roller with 2 positions, Rear roller with depth gauge

Working Width

1300 mm 52"