The Grass Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial and light commercial soil and ground preparation, renovation, seeding, and maintenance equipment, machinery, and solutions. Our extensive product range includes stone buriers, soil renovators, seeders, overseeders, mulching, dethatching, spiking, and tilling equipment. We offer a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your ground care needs, from soil preparation and renovation to aftercare and grounds maintenance. The UK’s preferred supplier to the profesional and commercial Landscaping, Amenities and Turf industry.



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  • Stone Buriers for Turf

    Stone Buriers for Turf (8)

  • Stone Buriers for Landscaping

    Stone Buriers for Landscaping (18)

  • Seeders

    Seeders (7)

  • Over-Seeders

    Over-Seeders (3)

  • Combi Burier and Seeder

    Combi Burier and Seeder (1)

  • Dethatchers & Spikers

    Dethatchers & Spikers (2)

  • Flail Mowing & Mulch

    Flail Mowing & Mulch (1)

  • Bed Formers

    Bed Formers (3)

  • Renovating and Tilling

    Renovating and Tilling (3)

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