RX 300

This heavy duty stone burier is a great tool for building or renovating green spaces. It can be used to prepare the seed bed before seeding, as well as to till, bury (stones, rubbish, herbs, etc.), level, mix and roll the surface. It can be used on unprepared ground and on ground that has been previously decompacted.

The roller frame supports the rotor with two depth control screw jacks. The reverse rotation rotor is equipped with special non-panning blades which throw all the soil and stones against the selection grate. The stones, clods, and debris land at the bottom grate of the cultivated depth to be covered with a blanket of fine soil 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) deep. The finishing roller packs and levels the soil surface, making it ready for perfect seeding or sodding.

  • Cultivation to a depth of 8.5 inches (22 cm)
  • Rolling firm from 800 to 2000 lbs (250 to 900 kg) according to width and equipment
  • Oversized Rotor
  • Anti-pad blades (Rotadairon® patent)
  • Selection Grid Fingers
  • Oil bath torque limiter at each end of the Rotor
  • Working depth adjustment
  • Grader Blade


  • Roller cast iron notched discs + scraper
  • Tyre roller
  • Pneumatic seeder: SMA 250
  • Anti-groove system (ARS)

Six Actions in just one pass

  1. Cultivation to a depth of 8.5 inches (22 cm)
  2. Burying of stones, clods, grass and debris
  3. Creation of a fine soil surface for accurate seed depth and ideal turf renovation
  4. Clean seed bed free of weeds and rubbish
  5. Levelling and finishing of the surface
  6. Rolling firm from 800 to 2000 lbs (250 to 900 kg) according to width and equipment
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Additional information







3 Point Hitch

Category 2

PTO shaft rotation speed

1000 RPM

Required Power

110-160 HP


2 sides driven hydraulic clutch

Working Width


Depth control

Screw Jacks System

Number of blades


Number of grate fingers


Outside rotor diameter

23" 6/8

Working Depth


Weight - Mesh Roller


Weight - Packer roller


Overall Width


Drive Train

Double Drive