RCH 60

Stone burier for radio-controlled tool carriers
This soil preparer and buriier has been designed and developed  specifically for radio-controlled tool carriers, there area also two hitching versions available..

  1. Coupling plate type MDB: (RCH 60 MDB)
  2. Easily adaptable to your carrier without coupling plate, hoses, or couplers: (RCH 60 ADAPT)

This verstaile machine enables the creation or renovation of green spaces by preparing the seedbed before sodding. The machine is multi-purpose, allowing for milling, burying (stones, rubbish, grass, etc.), leveling, mixing, and rolling the surface. It can be used directly or on ground that has been previously decompacted in depth and cleared of large stones. Key features include:

  • Oversized Rotor
  • Anti-shoe blades (Rotadairon® patent)
  • Selection Grid  Fingers
  • Working depth adjustment
  • Grader Blade
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Additional information

Overall Width

1830mm (72")

Working Width



460 Kg


Hydraulic motor + chain in oil bath

Number of blades


Gap between knives

20mm (4/5'')

Outside rotor diameter


Working Depth

140mm (5'' 1/2)

Transport dimension (mm)

1905 x 1570 x 700 (75" x 61" 3/4 x 27" 1/2)

Depth control

Screw Jacks System