SD 700

A Self-propelled Seeder

The SD 700 is a self-propelled seeding machine designed to provide precise seeding, seed burial, and field filling. It can be used to sow a variety of grasses such as bluegrass, red fescue, and ryegrass. This reliable, convenient, and efficient machine allows  quick and effortless sowing. The metal mesh roller at the front wafts the soil, while the seed drill deposits the seeds. The rotor claws the soil, and the smooth roller at the back compacts it for optimal germination and to avoid marking from the user’s steps. The SD 700 is powered by the rear packer roller. Key features include:

  • Oil bath filter
  • Parking brake lever
  • Gear lever
  • Hour counter, tachometer
  • Seed level indicator
  • Seed rate adjustment
  • Drawer bucket for calibration
  • Seed Burying Rotor Engagement Pedal
  • Seed burial rotor
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