SMC – Dual-Purpose Stone Burier and Seeder

The SMC seeder attachment is designed and manufactured to be used in conjunction with stone burier machines, allowing users to sow immediately after soil preparation. With this seeder, users can bury stones, prepare the soil, and sow in a single pass saving time, effort and improving operation efficiency

The SMC product range is compatible with most Rotadairon stone buriers and available in several sizes either as original specification or as a retro fit. Please ask us for more details and the relevant technical specifications as applicable to the host stone burier machine


SMC 90 for STONY 90

SMC 100 for STONY 115 and RD 100

SMC 130 for RD 130

SMC 145 for RD 145

SMC 150 for RDL 150

SMC 180 for RDL 180

SMC 200 for RDL 200 and RX 200

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