SMG 205 – Three Point Hitch Seeder

This seeding machine was designed and manufactured  to enbable sowing for a variety of grasses, such as pastures, red fescue, and ryegrass, across large areas. It features a gravity seed drill and two cast iron rollers, allowing a single clutch passage. It is best used on previously worked soil with the help of a soil preparer/stone burier.

The 3 point seeder performs the following operations in a single pass:

  • Ground grading and compressing from rollers which compress top soil clods and debris
  • Burying of small particles ro permit fine seeding: including the burial of small flints (<20 mm diameter) and certain overgrowth
  • Seeding for all types of turf seeds using a high capacity stainless steel seed-box.
  • Seeding any terrain, from flat to hilly, dry to wet, and even unprepared slopes, can be done efficiently with the help of a floating rear roller.
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Additional information


712 kg







Required Power

30-60 HP

3 Point Hitch

Category 1 & 2

Standard Equipment

Coil tine track remover kit, Double floating axles (rear roller), Front and rear iron cast notched rollers, Movable 3 point-hitch, Scrapers front and rear, Seed gauge, Stainless steel seed box, Windproof guarding

Seeding depth

0" < accurate seeding < 0.47", 0mm < accurate seeding < 12 mm

Seeding width


Distribution and seed rate adjustment (highly accurate)

Fine seeding with dial seed valve, Seed valve agitator

Seed volume