BRD 50

Shredder for Skid-steers (mini-loaders) and Compact Hydraulic Loader

This shredder has been designed to efficiently shred dense grass and brambles. Its floating system (Rotadairon® patent) allows it to automatically follow the unevenness of the ground, providing a high-efficiency result. Additionally, it is equipped with a device that meets the regulations in force (EN12733) allowing the machine to be stopped quickly. As soon as the operator releases the controls of the carrier and the machine stops being supplied with oil, the system brakes and stops the rotor in less than 7 seconds. Furthermore, the Y mounting of the knives on shackles contributes to better shredding. Key features include:

  • Safety hydraulic block
  • Cartridge filtration
  • Adjustment of the roller/skids for variable working heights
  • Floating terrain system
  • Anti-projection rear flap
  • Front push bar
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Additional information

Working Width

1270mm (50")

Overall Width

1440mm (56" 3/4)


276 Kg


Hydraulic motor + chain in oil bath

Outside rotor diameter

360mm (14" 1/4)

Number of sharpened knives