The Grass Group and Rotadairon an exclusive partnership

The Grass Group and Rotadairon an exclusive partnership

Rotadairon has developed a range of innovative products that have transformed the way turf care professionals work. The Grass Group’s partnership with Rotadairon has enabled us to offer these ground-breaking products to UK customers, further solidifying Rotadairon’s  position as an global industry leader.

The Grass Group offers a comprehensive range of Rotadairon products designed to cater to various turf care requirements. Some of the key product categories include:

We are extremely proud of our long-standing partnership with The Grass Group. Their dedication to providing top-quality turf care solutions perfectly aligns with Rotadairon’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, we continue to revolutionise the turf care industry and help professionals achieve the best possible results for their clients in the UK.” – Benoit Etienne, Rotadairon

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